A big-city girl... lost again, and no where to turn!

Before Heidi met Randal sex was not important at all. She said she knew it was her duty to please her husband. But the only thing good about it was that it could give her children. Once they had taken them away she lost her will to live for a while. It had been over a year since then and she had "made friendly" with a few men and one woman. She said it was all without purpose and those men were just keeping her around for sex and showing her off like a trophy. Then she met Randal and discovered she could (in a way) be a mother once again. Followed by the drama of this run-and-hide trip and another chance for a new beginning. Now she got drunk, got into a big fight, and everything fell all apart. Finding herself on the run again in a broken down limo and lost in the back country. She told me she thought about going north until she found Interstate 80 and heading out to Wyoming. Heidi knew some men there who still wanted her too. She also had a few other men in Montana and Utah that would take good care of her and some family members in several other places less than two short days drive from here. She had almost a full tank of gas and had already found the main highway once. I do not understand her mind... but I keep going back to what she once told me about the sex with Randal. (She said she thought Randal was at his sexual peak of life at this time, and so was she... although much older)! She also had explained in detail how she had never really had a climax until recently and that this new "craving" was a stronger addition than any drug she had ever been exposed to in her life up to this point. (Actually she said she had never reach any climax, not even with her husband of 14 years... and that he really hated that! She said it was all about his length within her. Also his style and movement during that extra required period of time needed to reach that magic level... combined with Randal's extra length and strength to get the job done correctly). She also had told me that once she had reached that level of enjoyment once or twice it was now becoming much easier to get back to it... and in less amount of time. (Look again at the video about her reaching 7 climaxes in 11 minutes)! Look closely into her eyes from about the third one... on through to the one when she has totally collapsed. He had pulled out and drawn away... the only movement was the pulsing of her vagina. She did not know about all the training and experiences Randal had been through. (He in fact considered himself the "best in the business" and yet he could still act like an innocent boy). If sex is what brought her back, then someone should do a study on that sometime! Actually, someone should do a study about sex on cocaine... or about grown adults using our youth for sex toys! (By the time this "undercover" video was shot I had taken many risky chances with both of them trying to get enough evidence to get rid of this "Kellar drug problem" that was killing off our young people).


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     That video is really "out in left field" as they say! Will god forgive him for taking the virginity of so many young girls... "poppin' every fatty in the area" he later bragged? Or all those other young girls... when directed by Donna or Mitch, while being offered good drugs in payment for getting them naked in the hot tub room and sneaking out when he is told to abandon them! (You must remember while growing up this boy had nobody to tell him why any of this activity was so wrong! He once offered me a clear explanation... "I never took them from the school or their home, they were already on the street when they saw me and most just wanted to work my dick again" as what he thought was a good reason for what really happened). It is no mystery why Donna got so many girls so quickly... Randal was famous for giving girls the best climax they ever had and this combination of uncut coke and impressive surroundings was the perfect setting. The history of prostitution in Deadwood and the "old enough to show your tittys" thing in nearby Sturgis caused too many girls to be in too big a hurry to grow up! And he was not the only one supplying the girls (we now know of at least three) but I think he was the only one that survived. It might have been the lingering death of Della #3 that changed our interviews more than anything that happened before or after that time during this past year... Maybe it was the fact that he took her virginity and her parents knew it. (They were to get married someday, have children and prosper). The fact that he cared about her a great deal until she agreed to take the coke and get naked at the shack... Or maybe it was just that big bag of mixed drugs he got for leaving her there for those three old men to screw her all night long! (This kid can talk about almost anything without even a hint of remorse! But when he told me about seeing her the following day down on the street and asking her what happened after he "passed out" his words chocked... when he said "she would not talk about it" as he lost it for a minute and changed the subject. Or maybe I am confused about this, that part might be about one of those three girls named Bella... You must understand, at first I only had the video interviews from Randal to review and analyze. He would tell the same story about some girl named Bella, then tell the story again with her name changed to Della when he was under lots of stress. I think he was trying to protect their identity or something.  At first there were only about a dozen girls involved too. Then the number went over two dozen once he knew he could never return and was totally depending on me to keep him alive and fed. After others began to talk things became very serious). The only other thing that ever really bothered Randal was the fact that meth and steroids had taken over the high school after I ruined Donna's drug business... He had no problem talking about screwing those three teachers, even about buying and selling drugs with the other teachers, even about being thrown out of school while on 35 hits of "window pane" and kicking the principal's computer to pieces! Randal did not care about that, he was proud to tell the story. "I made the yearbook" was his only comment as he laughed! But he had already seen what meth and "roids" did to young kids later on and he was worried about that being the only thing now offered to this new generation of school kids!

     Some may also be a bit shocked to hear me talking like a drug expert, using all the right slang and acting like I know all about it... The truth is I picked up most of that from reviewing the past video interviews with him and others already on record. Also from questioning him endlessly on long trips! (Or after the behavior management girls and others got him real messed up on mega-doses of their "doctor approved" good stuff). You may think I am just as bad as they are to be offering him a bud or a beer to get him going too! But understand this! I did what I felt I had to do to get rid of people like Donna... and maybe even save a few of the other girls she has not gotten to yet! I did it with the help of what they called G-13... the best pot offered by our own government for hyper people like Randal... And he knew it helped him too! So did all the others who had noticed his mood change while working for me and under the supervision of the more helpful people with his Behavior Management team. I have also given up the rest of my life for this cause... the least you can do is reserve judgment until you have absorbed all the information! Now, back to the "date-rape" day...

After the sex scene we just left her in the weeds and I put the camera back on charge in the limo. Randal was laughing while we once again counted the money in the house! (I was even playing into it by making jokes about this new wicked side of Heidi! Now, that may not sound proper... but this is not just a story or something, it is what actually happened in real life as I wrote it down... often every evening). The money count was short and he went back to the well to see if any of it blew around in the wind. Heidi had dressed and placed her own jeans on the warm hood of that black limo to finish drying out... She was now gathering firewood again and trying her best to make amends. (Randal got me to agree that we would play hard to please until sundown, and he then agreed to "love her right" by the fire after dark "if she minded good" until then)... I told him I needed a better night-sex video and I think we might have gotten it if he had not gone manic as well. The first contact I had with her after that was when she thanked me for the small amount of work we had done starting on her "safety zone" under the closest tree just outside the back door. (Back on the first day, right after Randal spent hours setting up our "man-cave" in one room of the house... I discussed a "safe" location for her as well. I had suggested the old bathroom on the main floor). I explained how we could use up our only paint and most of our caulking to seal it from the bugs that would be coming soon. Her only comment at the time was "but I think bugs like me... anyway, they only bite if you sit on them" and she picked that location under the biggest branch... the one that could easily support a double lean-to roof of small logs. It was to be her private place if she needed to be alone! We had all agreed on that at the time, but I knew it would not work... And neither would that location, this is rattlesnake country and we are too far from a hospital. Besides, they will bite you before you sit on them! She wanted to prepare a nice fire pit within the sheltered area beside this tree and ask only if I would allow her some of MY cheese in the cooler... With a promise of giving me her secret recipe! When I argued with her she said that she planned to fix our hotdogs a special way this evening.

Before I even made it to the cooler Randal ask me what was going on... had I not agreed to play hard to get or what? It was not even dark yet, but now he wanted to take the laptop and go inside the limo to relax. I did not argue, but I tried to change it up for a while by doing some male-bonding with him. I also said he could go play his music in the limo and I would bring him something hot to eat before it got dark.

He had not been in the limo more than a few songs before she joined him and accidentally spilled the last of the skunky beer we had found while cleaning. He was trying to push her out the back door when I heard her screaming and came to see. I grabbed her left hand (the one that was not broken) and tried to help him get her out. She got a good hold on that strong "door grab" only limo's have... and would not let go! When she is angry Heidi is stronger than any woman I have ever met, but she let go after Randal popped her one on the place where the right hand was broken! (In the sexy rape video... notice how it was already somewhat swollen, I think from a rough day of falling down in the trees). I tried to drag Heidi away from the limo before somebody got hurt and Randal tossed her kicking feet out the door, her pants were too big for her and they were now down to her knees by the time I got her clear of the door enough for Randal to close and lock it. She got up to chase me and immediately tripped and fell on her face in the dirt. (I did not mean to laugh so hard, but it was really funny at the time... you just had to "been there" I guess). I ran all the way around the front of the limo, got in the driver's door... and was reaching for the lock on the other door when she opened it, still holding Randal's pants a bit above her knees. All I can remember was her saying "so now you're gonna start helping my boyfriend beat on me" before she punched me hard (right where my cancer is) using her broken hand... followed by that strange word "ah-mon-ne" (one of many words in her "special language" that is actually short for "son of a bitch, that really hurt"... I later found out). Then she started to crawl back through the small opening behind the front of the limo, to beat the shit out of Randal I was thinking... Actually I was not thinking much of anything at the time, I only remember seeing stars when I fell backwards out on the ground and she was dragging the front door past my leg... which by the way, tore my only jeans wide open and left me with a permanent scar just below my business! (The very bottom part of the driver door on the limo is rusted out... only the end remains and it is rusty and very sharp. I came very close to being castrated and maybe dying of blood poisoning only a few seconds after the funniest thing that had happened on this trip... up until that moment anyway). I got to my feet and was only able to lean down over the front hood of the limo. I watched as they struggled for a while before beginning to laugh at me as I watched them through the windshield while holding onto my broken nose! He finally said "I'm gonna hog-tie this bitch and screw her till she squeals" and she said in a sexy voice "I have never done that before" and I said, "damn, where is that camera when I need it" and it was game on again... so I thought! I got back into the front seat. She had not gone completely through that opening where the "separation window" goes up so I held onto her legs while he tied the other half up using most of the rope. Then he pulled her through and wrapped up her legs at the knees with a bunch of knots. The mistake he made was running out of rope... He finished with the other end that was around her neck... she now had her head tucked in at her knees and was very uncomfortable! She was also no longer making any happy sounds anymore either. (I told Randal that was enough fun and he undid the last knot, allowing her to sit back up... That was when I saw that mean look in her eyes for the first time). I told him to "do her nicely" while I made us a few sandwiches! Instead he unplugged the laptop from the charger and joined me in the front, choosing her folder of music to play instead (to "be a little nice" he stated to me). She said nothing as she worked on the knots with the one good hand, while we argued about who was going to do the fire now... it would be dark soon! Heidi was almost free when she said "I don't want anything to eat and I don't want to ever see either one of you EVER again before this night is done... take me to the closest Interstate, (which she knew was not too far from here somewhere south in Kansas).  I looked back at her and said I was truly sorry. I though they were just playing rough like before and I did not mean any harm to her... she said she was sorry she hit me so hard, and that I had sort of run into it. That made Randal mad and he said something so mean I cannot repeat it. That was when she came at him and he pointed this gun at her head... just as she started into that divider window. (I did not know the pocket pistol was still in the glove box or that he had found it while looking for the phone charger I ask him to locate). Although it had never been fired before it rusted together and was not even loaded, she did not question it and backed off clear to the back end of the limo... even putting her hands in the air until he settled down and gave it to me! (I was still hurting and so was she. Randal switched to his folder of music and I tossed her back the last of that bottle of booze I had found in the trees, but not before taking a drink myself. It was not too long afterwards when we first noticed that rusty old antique straight razor in her hands, open and ready! Randal said he would use it on her if she cut him even a little bit... All she said in reply was that we could not stay awake for the rest of our lives... but she could. I saw fear in her eyes as she sat there looking at this razor. Heidi remained like this for what seemed like a very long time, without any movement or without saying anything other than "can we just go now" and maybe a few things under her breath. Randal called her some names and got out of the car with the laptop. I got out to go hide the gun in the house... telling him to select her music folder and put it back on charge in the limo, he refused... After he got into the house I ask him where he hid that small bag of her "personals" removed when he found the money. We were still arguing about if I was going to give them back when we heard the limo engine start up!

He got to it before she cleared the driveway, but the only door he reached was locked. She made the turn and gunned it on down the dirt road, still gaining speed as she went over the hill and out of sight. (I had fallen before I even got to the driveway, because my glasses were in the car and it was getting too dark for me to see very well)... In fact just about everything we needed was in that car, including all my cameras and the rest of Randal's pot! It was getting cold... we had one coat and one blanket. I think it was about then that Randal went totally crazy and broke the laptop. Later we found a light and looked to see if my daughter had ever hid any spare keys inside the old Minivan still parked there. (Mostly just for camping during bad storms, it now had a window shot out by hunters, it leaked oil from the main engine seal and it was too worthless to fix... although it might get us to the next safe area)! But the battery was dead and the generator wouldn't start! So we gave up thinking for the night and started a small fire inside... blocking the door into our "safe" room, just in case she came back to finish us off with that razor! We got enough ice from the pond for coffee and used the last of the battery in the cell phone to call a friend. (The same one that told us to "lose the bitch" before you get to the homestead) just days before, as we were leaving the Black Hills... I just said "you want to drive a thousand miles just to say you told me so" and he did... just as soon as the storm in the hills was over the following day! But let me tell you, that was one long night... and this story gets better too! (That was only one out of the five thousand mile trips I was to make before I laid down to sleep good while I waited to see how this problem worked out).

Heidi also had a bad night, hiding in a tree claim at the end of a dirt road somewhere close to Kansas. She took inventory and found an opened bottle of booze in the car, which is against the law, so she fixed that... But it did not help, and now she was even more sad and still lonely, and lost... And unlike us, she had nobody to call.

She has only some memory of what happened that day, mostly second-hand from all the things told to her (by what I am hoping is the most ignorant cop in America) after she was arrested. Heidi has a much more clear memory of all "events" happening after taking that first bath at the motel, in what she said seemed like a very long time! One thing she knew for sure was that she wasted lots of gas driving in circles for most of the time. (It was in fact during the first part of this long bath, while the calf was watching her, that she figured out it would never grow up to be that milk cow I had wanted... She described how this single spigot began to pee all over the floor and why that waste all the towels! She later explained why she then quickly wrapped up in the bed sheet and went outside to that machine for the cold drink and how that damn door slammed behind her as the wind blew off her only dry covering! (Someday I hope to recreate the next scene when she took the only tool she could find from the limo... an antique sword no less, and chopped her way back into the motel room to finish her long deserved bath).

I should also figure out how to do the scene when she found that poor bloody calf standing all alone just past the main gate of who she thought must be the meanest rancher in Hayes County...

Maybe even a video of at least one of the farms she stopped at to ask for directions back to "Larry's old homestead" or whatever... (Directions to find someone who actually left this area over thirty years ago! People later told me by the following weekend everybody in the area knew this "ugly black limo" was connected to my name... and some badly abused naked girl named Heidi).

Where is that camera man when you need him? (That's OK, I am out of money and about out of tape! I am in fact now shooting a log video of my last days... and recording it over the top of the darker scenes of "Heidi Porn" I don't see the need for anymore)!


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