A big-city girl... now lost in cattle country!

Heidi might have drove off in that Limo just to teach us a lesson I guess. But that might have happened partly because she got drunk and turned mean on us... It also did not help that I turned on her and basically "lost" my thinking head in the process. Randal later decided we should say he only hog-tied her in that Limo after Heidi started doing damage to it while she was drunk and out of her mind... But actually, she was almost completely sober by the time he tied her with a few silly knots (that she quickly worked off) and I thought they were just doing a bit of rough-play before sex again! At first I wanted to say "after Heidi got out of the ropes she beat us both up and drove away... Then later she sobered up again and felt so guilty she found Randal a dog and got me that milk cow I was constantly harping about".

(I had scolded Randal about not being responsible enough to survive out in this open country and I wanted to get them a milk cow on borrowed money from a mean banker... as an important lesson about tough living). My dad and a few others had recommended that you should start with a goat! (Unlike a cow bred for good milk production, with goats you can miss a few milkings and it will never kill them, they just stop producing as much milk... But if you do not milk the cow dry every morning and every night the bank may have you arrested after your cow gets sick and dies from your neglected duty). But the actual truth about what really happened to Heidi the next day may never be known...

The cops had one story going around about what happened and a few others have told their version as well.

But truly nothing often happens the way many of us want it to get wrote down! Heidi did later tell me she did not crash into that gate to steal the calf... she backed into it while trying to turn "that damn thing" around. Heidi said she figured that rancher had far too many cows to ever keep a count, and she did not even understand branding... (But noticed a bloody tag in one ear, which she carefully removed before dressing the wound). She was searching for the way back and stopped into one small "friendly looking" farm to ask directions. They would not answer the door... but before she left a nice shepherd dog jumped into the car and refused to get out. (She said it went right to "the critter" and the calf stopped bawling, so she decided to just get out of there before something else happened)! Randal wanted a big dog anyway, mostly for those long walks she hated... I also agreed they needed one as soon as I was gone, mainly to give them early warning of nosy neighbors... due to the privacy they would require even  in the daytime during this "honeymoon" period that seemed to never end!

NOTE: I must stop here and explain something about navigating through these naughty pages...

I have designed all the sex videos at 30 frames per second... so they will play better on a wide screen television. This makes them take longer to download, it makes the page slow down until they are ready to play on your screen. They take up more space on my server as well. The wait is even longer to get pages with pictures and a video... My thinking at the time was that maybe you would read more of the message as you waited!

     You may have also by now learned how to click on a few of the better pictures... to get the bigger version before saving it to your computer! (You hopefully learned how to click your "back" button to get back to this page after doing that). You also see no copy-right protection or other writing over any image either! (If you even see a pop-up please say something and we will stop them). Once again, this is not how average people do work involving so much time and effort... This work is not done the typical way most people serve it to the net either. But neither is what that drug cartel did to those young girls in Deadwood. (If these pages help even one of them to become whole again by my actions, it will all be worth the extra effort)!

Now, back to the story...

Also, I must add, this girl is not really a cowgirl... She knows nothing about cows or a ranch. She has never rode a horse, or even a cowboy for that matter!


1010904.JPG 1010905.JPG 1010908.JPG 1010927.JPG


She only came to my land in Nebraska to relax while receiving some pleasure, and maybe get pregnant was the story we stayed with...

(The 480 acres where the house was located is actually three adjoining "quarters" of unused farm ground listed on maps as a well-known hunting area. It had been placed in a land-reserve conservation type program for over 20 years by now). I was only told about it after the CRP money had finished paying off the loan and the yearly check began to come directly to our address in Deadwood. (The land is actually listed in my name now for tax purposes, but I was told it would not really be mine until my parents were both gone)! My father got this "worthless" land for free by using "good credit" at the local bank where he "serves on the board" or whatever! He actually "acquired" this land along with many other quarters to give him the required "base" so that other parcels he bought could then be irrigated. This is how you get richer if you like to farm... (When he brought his bride back to live in the "old stone house he was born in" dad had no money and only a one-half interest in "an old car with no radio" as mom put it... that was right after the blizzard of '49). He was in a bit of trouble and often treated more like the hired hand for years afterwards. Later he was able to purchase some land several times and worked hard to pay it off. Luck took a turn when they struck oil out behind the barn in '61. That seed money was put to good use and now he may be the richest man in Hayes county! When I was growing up and had become his hired man (from about age ten until twenty... we had no irrigated land and most of his money came from building Fire Trucks in our sheet metal shop during the slow winter season)! After I got married and moved back home from the Army I realized my wife was now becoming a slave as well. Less than two years later I left this farm life forever... he said it was because I was too lazy to do hard work. (This was for a paycheck of $400 a month before taxes... And during the growing season I always put in over 100 hours each week. Even in the winter between chores and the shop I worked more than 60 hours per week. During those years I could seldom put more than $75 in the bank each month for my wife to pay the bills. When she got pregnant my dad became angry. Pam was not a very good worker during that time and I soon owed a large bill at the hospital... we had no insurance for such things, that would cost him too much! Maybe I should mention his gross income that same year was over one million dollars)! Yes, I left because I was too tired of working hard... (for less than a dollar an hour anyway)! After going through a half dozen hired men the next ten years... my two little brothers got old enough to work hard for him too! But by that time he had figured out they must get good pay and maybe even all of Sunday off... in the winter at least). Now I was "out of the picture" for many years after that, and had a good life for the most part... This was before my father decided I was helpful in getting him where he was today! (I remember when dad drove my eldest son over to this "inheritance" land when we showed it to him for the first time in the spring of 2006). I had been going back to this old homestead several times each summer with various friends and helpers like Randal. We were trying to save the house from being demolished by hunters... or maybe a few neighbors looking for another secret place to take extra girlfriends. I realize there is no reason to speak of this here... it is just that I miss it now that I have lost it. (Just another dream destroyed by the Kellar Klan. But, before I lose your attention... here is some more fun and games with Randal and Heidi)!


1010939.JPG 1010940.JPG 1010951.JPG 1010970.JPG

There was a delay before dinner after the boyfriend saw her modeling that sexy outfit... She did not even get the bed made up or have time to take that outfit off.

1010974.JPG 1010978.JPG 1010979.JPG 1010983.JPG


The morning after this scene was shot it was almost like we got a new director... and the movie had now turned into a horror film instead of a "whore" documentary!

I have no video of me sneaking around in the early morning hours, or going in my own house in Deadwood through the back way... (After trimming the beard and hiding my long hair). You also do not see me going over to where Randal had been living to get his chainsaw! (We had planned to go to our next "safe" location at my old homestead in Nebraska sometime later... when it would be warm enough to dig in and wait)! We did not know for sure how long it would take these web pages to get some response... or for that matter, if anyone would even care enough to want to help at all. We did however, know we may be there for a long time! And Randal said he wanted to cut up all those dead trees that had been pushed up into piles when the house was last lived in... long before my dad bought it.

Although I was fairly unrecognizable during this sneaky trip, I was being extra careful by parking in the next lower street, just below his flop-house! I was almost back to the car with his chainsaw when the shooting started. (Actually the first thing I heard was a sharp cracking sound coming off of the rock wall above my head... then I hear the first shot, followed by five more). I made it to the car with only the pull-rope in my hand and I just laid there wetting my pants at first... waiting for that wannabe mafia dude to come up and finish me off).

Right now you may not think much of my reaction, being a war hero and all... but there is something you do not understand.

I was trapped all alone with no gun and figured I was about to die. I knew there were only six shots fired... and I only saw one shooter over a block away. Now I figured he was walking up to the car with maybe his "spotter" following, as he reloaded the weapon... I was just hoping for a head-shot so it would be painless. Mitch has always been a real chicken-shit with guns and he had started this fight by shooting my dog at my feet a year before this. Instead of running away from them I ran my mouth about what I thought then was maybe hundred million dollars worth of cocaine that they had sold around Deadwood. This was before I started questioning some of the underage girls that they had been been addicting to various hard drugs, based on their purpose... also to keep better control over them while offering their tiny body to old perverts or the others in control of all that Historic Preservation money! (I had no idea that these girls were actually the "clincher" with this operation... Something no other drug salesmen could match. And if I had known then how well connected the Kellar group were to what many call "organized" crime I would have left the area with any others who were still alive at that time)! Drug problems are not anything new to Deadwood, but I had successfully fought the "good fight" before... often with only a few scary words placed at the right moment. This method had worked very well in years past. Normally each time we got a little break, at least until new "bad guys" moved in with more drugs! And each time this happened we got rid of several more crooked local hard cases too. But this time that kind of talk did not set well with any of those in charge of the big money in Deadwood and the whole thing got out of hand in a hurry. (Nobody involved on my side knew this was anything more than a local problem at first). We also did not know anyone had died or that so many young girls were being so badly abused. After I began to understand what was happening it was too late to back down. It was just a good thing I was able to get so much information recorded (and some of it doubled by other sources before they got to them). If I had in fact not started to believe some of this unbelievable stuff in time to find others who had by then decided to turn on the Kellars when they did... you would not be seeing anything here other than what many would dismiss as "get-even bad-mouthing" or whatever. Actually, the most damning evidence was captured by accident starting the year before when I began recording that surveillance video at my property.

(This happened after we noticed someone was messing with my backhoe and bobcat skid-steer). A few tools were missing too. Also some of the "junk" and even the more worthless stuff was being scattered around at times. I had no idea it had anything to do with the Kellar bunch then! I figured it was just kids and I hoped to catch them in the act. My daughter had returned from back east and rented the only apartment available close to where I worked (the back apartment on the upper floor of this low-rent housing unit next to my land). I had already set up an older computer in her son's room because it contained some learning games I thought would be helpful to him. (The cup-cam video program was already on it... a free "sample version" from the internet actually, not even good for anything but storing some freeze-frames to see if you liked the program. Even that heavy video camera was an older one no longer compatible with newer computers. I took it there at first only to take some video of this grandson I was babysitting. We then put it in his room and hooked it to the computer). The zoom lens of this camera did however nicely cover the roadway that my equipment was parked on... as well as the walkway coming in. Donna's love shack was located right in the middle of this shot! (Not because I planned it that way) it just happened to be located on the only flat spot on this part of the land... A much smaller plot sold off of this acreage many years before I bought it. I was not trying to snoop on anybody at first. I did not even know anyone lived there except for an occasional weekend in the summer months. The recordings did however soon began to clearly record footage of many of the young girls involved there. Actually the best shots recorded were during the daylight hours as those girls came back down the trail facing the early morning sun! It only saved one frame every seven seconds... but it took many of them more than a minute to walk out of the picture and by the last picture of maybe 10 they were close enough to see pimples and other details. Even during the night you could clearly see the men who "had" these sex slaves not long after they finished as they stood out on that deck under the light. It also helped to capture them more clearly as some lit their cigarettes and joked with others. (In it's day this camera had been quite useful for the low-light capabilities within the digital capture mode... Almost 20 years before this I had actually used this same camera to capture some other underage sexual acts on this same property).

Nothing had been missing or damaged for quite some time after this so I actually did not review any of the footage and did not even know everything that had happened until later. (When the hard drive filled I changed it out and did not even continue the recording until Randal told me about what people were doing up there). Even after I saw it for myself I still did not recognize most of the men going in and out of what many later referred to as the "love-shack" or "hot tub headquarters" owned by Donna Kellar. (This video layout could not have been better if it had been professionally designed right down to the deck lighting just for this purpose. Although there are many trees, not one was blocking a perfect view. The house happened to be facing perfect and located right beside this little acre of land I owned in that secluded area at the edge Deadwood... Donna's newly remodeled love nest was now completed with the install of a heart-shaped hot tub and a 62 inch plasma flat screen on the wall. Many of her friends knew it to be the best orgy location in town.

She owned a number of other properties, even at this time! Why did she pick this one for the love shack? And why did I set that program to the slowest frame setting possible... otherwise it would have filled the hard drive much sooner and I would have missed many now condemned faces? And why didn't they continue this wicked foolishness down at the Double D Bar or over in the safety of Ken's apartment like before?


I do remember the first time I watched some of the footage... failing to understand why that one little thirteen year old girl was going in there all alone? And right after several old men had gone into the same house!

NOTE: The questioning and interviews were still in the early stages at this time. (And often what had been stated was just too hard to believe and not even labeled as "saved" on a tape. Many of these recordings still need to be captured to a drive, compressed for the internet, and documented with other witnesses). People always said "If a drug addict tells you all drug addicts are liars... do you believe him"?

ADDITIONAL UPDATE: (ADDED 5 YEARS LATER THAN PREVIOUS NOTE). Randal confessed from jail (after trying to kill Heidi) that he was only working for the Kellars to help me... And he would "blow the lid off of Deadwood" with his journal of all the crimes he was forced into by others during his life! (So far I have found seven of his so-called journals with this condemning evidence! I think he kept starting a new one every time he could not find the current one. Most of the one I gave back to him could be used against Randal more than others! Especially for stuff like him and somebody called "bo" burning down part of the national forest). I remember when he had come "back to my side" one of the final times... He had first gone to his friend, his brother, his dad and grandmother with no luck! Some of them told him to go to the media, but he went to the girls he was screwing at Behavior Management instead. They told him they would not help him until he produced his famous "journal" first. (At the time I still thought I could work with Heidi a bit longer making enough sexy video to get national attention on the Deadwood problem... but this "stunt-cock" had given us all the information we could stand and needed to go). I told him I had found a journal in the tire pile and before leaving he should explain some more about all these Deadwood women he was talking about on the early pages! This led to talk about his mother and her friends. (Also about a few pre-puberty girls he had "popped" with his big dick, and it went down hill from there)! That video of page-by-page descriptions of wicked women and snowdays will never be played on the internet... but if he still has that early "journal" portion someone should get it back from him and destroy it. My intent from the beginning was not to downgrade anyone who should not be locked up in jail. In fact, before this venture cost me everything I had I would have settled for the guaranteed safety of our unaffected youth and a free get out of jail card. (Maybe the town could have paid for some re-hab for a few girls who never got a chance)... like the first Bella of the three!

When I later found out Mitch and Donna forced cocaine into some of the youngest of the girls just for doing hand jobs or blow jobs... and that nobody got to "do" her yet, not even Mitch! (As one video interview states... "it was Donna's orders" that nobody got her until her boobs were done growing! Although a few thought that was kind of cool, somehow I was not impressed with this line she had drawn).


html embed video by EasyHtml5Video.com v2.8

Naturally, after I voiced my opinion in public about the Bella who was still alive many did not want to believe it and a few others were afraid somebody else would... It was only the tip of the iceberg, but it was enough to put somebody away. I could have stopped right then and things might have turned out for the best, at least for me? (The governor's lawyers may have gotten them out of that first charge... but then they might have just taken their business elsewhere and left our girls behind). Instead I tried to find out more about what was going on at the love shack and found myself under arrest for trespassing on my own land. Then one of the cops on her payroll told people I was crazy and they took my guns from the house before they would let me out of jail. (Although it took a while I was later found to be sane after all and then told the procedure I must go through to get those old black powder "show" guns back... which I thought at the time could be another trick and unwise to follow their direction)! It might have been a good idea too...  I had no clue the amount of power or control the Kellar family had over so many people at that time. I also only had one very young troubled girl, with only part of her story that matched the one that Randal and the others recorded! It was a shaky case indeed. At the time I also did not know Randal was attempting to be some kind of "double agent" and playing them against me for all he could get. (I figured it out when he started asking me for a current picture. He even ask Heidi to take one for him using an old camera I gave him to record the sex with Donna Kellar on! I later found out that picture was posted with information of where to bring "just my head" to collect as much as ten thousand dollars).

NOTE: See below... I have found a picture somebody sent back to my computer from the Internet! That's me below with those two dogs! (I never get to be in pictures, I am always the one taking the shots. I have now in fact just wasted this entire afternoon looking through over ten thousand pictures before finding a few to explain something about me). Maybe after reading this paragraph my roll in the happenings will make more sense to some readers. Many Deadwood cowboy "performers" spend the majority of each day entertaining mostly the young people. And some of them also spend half of the night entertaining a few of the adults, like those three guys sucking on the finer points of Lulu! All I ever do is take pictures and video, but hey... somebody's gotta do it, and nobody else ever did it right! One of my directors once told me I was the best he ever saw at shooting naughty stuff because I resisted the urge to open the other eye to see the action in color, rather than the one that sees it in black and white on a tiny view-finder in the camera. It think it is because I am also an editor... If I want to see the action up close I can zoom it 800% in the edit room. (But only if it was framed and focused correctly during the shoot).

The last two pictures in this row is the famous Donna "Killer" Kellar... I also offered up a bounty for her "kiss" panties, but got no takers! As you can see, I had my chance to see her get set on fire, but I could not get Wild Bill to help while I got some good video of this "accidental" shooting... I did not know at the time this "Wild Bill" was on her payroll and that my joking would be taken seriously... I also did not know how wicked the deeds they were involved with were as wide spread and as profitable. (If you click on that picture to enlarge it you can see everything better)! Notice the twenty dollar bill she placed at the top of that pile in the tip bucket! We get mostly one dollar bills for poising like this all day in the hot sun! (Sometimes during the bike rally we might get a five if we do a good job for a group or something, but often we get tipped nothing at all... especially from people who have kids with them).

Now the City of Deadwood received no part of the money we made here... we were off of the public sidewalk and "on contract" in front of the Wild Bill Bar... one of Donna and Ken's 13 casinos at that time! Although some of her crew received one third of our daily take... paid out in cash only, in a sealed envelope delivered to the correct cashier, at a different casino deep within the Bullock Hotel located on this same street.

I must add, the fellow working with me (who I always referred to as "Wild Bill number seven" when I was angry with him)... also "played" Seth Bullock at Donna's hotel and his "pretend" wife often collected three dollars each for the baloney ghost tours in yet another cash-only scam Deadwood is so famous for! (In that shot the gun in his left hand might have been loaded with black powder and ready too. It might have been positioned correctly as well... but the only thing that clicked that day was my camera trigger).


010101010.JPG 072800007.JPG 1002044.JPG kissass.JPG



I must add one additional comment about those guns taken by the cops!

(Although this page was completed earlier... this part was added in April of 2010 and later).

     Just last weekend one of the other "cowboys" who worked with me on the street stopped in on his way to Hollywood from the east coast! Some of the "pretend" guns that were at my house the day I was accused of being dangerous actually belonged to him. He needed them for a movie he hoped to be "cast" for soon and we went down to get them back! We were told we needed a note from the State's attorney office before we could get them... (I also have a letter on file from the same office that states they have "conflicting interests" and refused to help me after I was in trouble for trespassing or stalking Donna). Some of the people in this office are close friends of Mitch and all of them drink coffee each morning with the public "pretender" office, obviously they could not defend me either... I was referred to a lawyer office in another town and "Joe" agreed to do something for about a thousand dollars! At the time I did not know his partner was the "retired" judge who was NOT convicted of his involvement in the cocaine business, but guilty of drinking or whatever... and moved away for a few years, before becoming a lawyer in the nearby town. (This area has at least one wicked person in every office and the coke money rules over all)! There is no reason for people like me to ever raise our hands in protest or expect any justice! 

While I am on this subject, I could really use a boost with my ego at this moment. I needed to go through all my pictures once more anyway... It took days, but I now have a few more shots with me in the picture as well! (Except for the first one of our stage crew before the big show... I was sitting next to my neighbor in the white blouse at the far left! I think I already mentioned some do not know how to take pictures very well). There was however, that five day shoot at the Little Big Horn in '97... in that reenactment I played the French trapper! But most of the time I am normally directing or staging the shots, if not preparing them for the net. I also found several shots taken on a few movie sets... that were later given to me in trade for a few hundred pictures I had taken during the same time.

And most importantly, the shot I took of the real mafia types in Little Italy the evening one of my daughters got married in New York... Enough of my ego, I must get back on the subject! (And if you are saving these pictures just to look for my head it will not work! I am much older now in 2015... And by the way, all the bad guys are still running around loose in Deadwood too. Soon I will complete the first wanted posters on about half of them. If you are coming to town, don't forget your guns... And be sure to do it before the election of 2016).


06080005.JPG 06210024.JPG 06230079.JPG
close111111.JPG PICT1148.JPG PICT1149.JPG


Below is the last two of the pictures taken during the sex shots started up above on this same page... these were shot after she was allowed to enjoy her "climax" position!

Followed by a shot showing some of her bruises after that wild Mari Gras Limo run... and a "pretend" shot of what could happen if you save her for the rest of her life. 


1010984.JPG 1010987.JPG 1011078.JPG 1011079.JPG


Actually, we need to back up a bit and explain what really happened.

The full truth is as followed... Right after her sex at the old well pipe location you may remember she still wanted more and was actually begging for it, which is not really like her! You may also remember instead the "dead soldier" ran off with the money, while we had a good laugh at her expense in the "take the money and run" shot. (I'm telling you, this girl was pissed... and she was already pissed off before she wet herself, while stuck in the fallen trees! One thing about this girl I know for sure! She is high-strung and a bit manic most of the time... but shortly after this sexual moment she went into the highest manic phase I have ever witnessed in my entire life, while working with people like this anyway). Although she is a "real trouper" in the rough, she can also portray a very proper woman when allowed the time and money to get herself ready for a moment such as that. But at this time her period had just ended and she had no water to freshen up. (The night before Randal had kicked the last water container over in the dark). Although this day had started off quite well with the last of our coffee! Also what I thought was an honest commitment privately spoken to me "promising" to do better and finally getting shots done the way I needed them. But everything did a 180 when she got drunk and failed that commitment just hours later! Another turn of events may have been keyed after she offered to refuse Randal any sex to get better control over him...  But this moment ended for sure when Randal pointed that gun at her and she got out that old shaver blade as her only defense... (Thinking back on it, I am fairly sure that is why she took the limo and ran away)... I am just not sure why she tried so hard to find her way back to us the following day? Was it the good sex with Randal or that chance for a new start at this land? I am not sure... she had almost everything she owned with her in the limo at that moment in time. I think she still had Randal's hidden pot too! I know she had over a hundred in change and another hundred on a casino slip. (It had been mailed back to me after Ski for Light... It was still in the car, I had originally planned to cash it the day I went to Deadwood for Randal's chain saw).

When I later spent a few months thinking about it I kept remembering that "chain-saw shooting" day as probably the most confusing day of my entire life so far... Maybe she was having that same kind of a day! I remember things were happening so fast that I was unable to think clearly about anything for sure. I did not know at that moment if I was about to die or even who was shooting at me for sure. Although I was later able to get the chainsaw and drive safely into some trees. I remember sneaking back a bit closer to get some video and being very confused. I called one of the kids and found the word on the street included the fact that someone named Larry had been shot. (I found out later it was actually a man named Terry who went crazy and tried to kill another man named Terry). Some in my family thought I was next and afraid nobody would ever find my body. I was unable to reach my wife and called my brother instead. I totally confused him as well. (I figured they would both be in the field and my message would remain safe on their answering machine. Instead they answered just as I was about to loose service while speeding through Boulder Canyon. My unprepared message at this frantic time ended a lifetime of respect from my little brother... It did not help that his wife's name was also Terri). Afterwards Heidi said she thought that could be a sign of dome! But all Randal could do was complain about me breaking his chainsaw.

Within an hour I was in Rapid City. Another friend joined me and listened calmly to all I knew at that time. Then he gave me his gun and all the money he had on him before leaving for Deadwood to find out what truth he could. I packed up the sex couple in the limo, hooked onto the pop-up camper and headed for the old homestead. He joined us there several days later. But he never should have told his wife! (She already knew some of the details and soon after spoke openly in public as she condemned Donna to hell). She said the lord would save her, but he didn't... she was in fact the next to die! Although her body was not found until long after things turned south for the rest of us. (Ginger was cut in half and sealed under almost 20 bags of cement in a very heavy trash can down in Las Vegas... It appears even the drug cartel has trouble finding a good hit man! Years later that idiot was still trying to explain why he placed an ad on Craig's list for a male lover. Once he made contact they both tried to get this trash can into a stolen pickup... then tried to bury it before finally getting caught).

When this news broke it made national headlines for a bit. NBC was planning on doing a special on it too. After a few more years passed it just "went away" as the people in charge say.

That was what they said about another crime against me... when Mitch broke in and took off with all my computers containing what he thought was evidence against him and many of the Kellars?

However, the cops did later return my computers... with blank hard drives and bad motherboards! (He took the wrong computers, instead I lost most of my Ski for Light video and two years of family pictures). 

By now some of you will be shaking your head... Information overload some people call it!

One story after another, all running into each other. Incomplete endings and missing information everywhere... and the subject keeps changing?

Some might be saying where is all the smut? We just want the good stuff! And what happened to Heidi?

Sorry, we did this on purpose. There is no other way to get much attention placed on what is really important. (Saving the next generation of girls in this little town called Deadwood).

If you think you can take it... I have an unbelievable clip of some undercover video shot one day at my home.

In it you will not believe how candid Randal and I discuss sex in such a harsh and graphic way.

Wicked sex with some rich and powerful women!

Sex for drugs while coked up and drunk in a bar at the age of 15.

Attempted sex with Donna after anal sex with the bartender, and more!


OR, click here to explain how it all started Or click forward if not interested in naughty stuff and want to see some justice...

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Sexy girl (Heidi)... During better times!

What happens when you pump a big dick full of coke and turn him loose on virgins!

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An index of some crimes committed (that continue unpunished to date)! 

These web pages all go in different directions (one leads to page 5 of 7 on the naked girl, another goes to page 2 of over a hundred crime pages) a few even go to a dead end?

There is a good reason for this and we will make it easier to navigate once we see if anyone has actually followed each page to the next... clear to the end. (If it is only the bad guys doing it then we will proceed in a different way). You will actually only be able find about 25 of over 700 pages already placed on the Internet. Although this was over 10 years of effort on my part you can read everything visible in under two hours and watch all the video in less than another hour. It would be to your advantage to look at everything now before my "fitbit" reports me dead... After that it will take you over 2000 hours to get through all of it just one time!

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