All crimes listed should have the word "Alleged" added to them... as they have never been formally charged.

Every crime has at least two interviews/pictures/video clip or other evidence... most have a time/date stamp!

Many crimes do not yet include all of the people involved, (only those we know for sure are guilty of at least one felony).

As each web page showing this evidence is posted... links directly to that point in the page will appear here.

This listing is not complete (we will continue to add crimes as each criminal tells on another).

I must start with the worst crimes...

Statutory rape/child prostitution... after most were addicted to pure Cocaine! (No girl was under 13 or over 18, no boy was less than the age of 15). Most of the sex happened at the "Love Shack" located at 58 Pleasant in Deadwood, the Double D Bar located in Miss Kitty's China Town... or Ken's apartment above the Buffalo Bar.

The first victims to be named included Randal and all three of the girls named Della... we have added several dozen other names to date (as of 2010). The majority of the "hard drug" crimes (that we have names and dates attached to) did not surface until after the involvement of Donna Kellar in 2005! Often the actual hands-on "mis-directed/go-between" contact person was her so called "body-guard" (Donna's fuck-buddy named "Mitch the bitch" from 2006 to 2010). Others directly involved at that time included Steve and Lisa, (also two of her daughters)... Most of the Turnbull crew and some of Marvin's crew, (who had helped get it going before 2005). The next people to become involved were several hired lawyers and many who were working for the City of Deadwood at that time, including their lawyer! Some unknown faces of many "old perverts from out of town" arriving at the "Love Shack" before the youngest of the girls (who were being drugged and raped daily) have not been identified before the posting of those pictures or video... More details will be offered after the final testimony has been collected by the girls still alive when they reached the age of 21! (Some will appear "naked with child" within these pages). Their testimony will be shocking to even the most harden of the wicked. Much work remains to be done, reload this page for the final listing sometime early in the spring of 2017.

Only the cops are interested in this page... unless you are in competition with those in the wrong you will not waste time downloading boring hours of video testimony like this stuff. If your browser is slow just wait after clicking the down arrow once (your computer will catch up in a minute). The naughty pages with that unbelievable story of "time with Heidi" will be easier to navigate and interesting to the more compassionate people.


mobile html5 video by v2.8

This video is confusing to many... especially when they do not take the time to watch this entire visit with Randal. He had very little memory left of anything that happened while doing all the coke shortly after meeting Donna and her crew. Later he wanted out and all wicked people involved feared he may "publish his journal" so they put him away. (When he showed up one day crying about dying and trying to figure out what he had done wrong I was also confused). Later I talked with several of his girlfriends and some of his family. I found out sex for Randal started very early when his mother and friends traded his butt for good powder of various kinds. (Some of that even found it's way up his butt as well). By the time he worked for me he had no feeling in that area and never knew when shit was coming out... (He wore "adult diapers" that I bought off the internet, 64 at a time). He had almost no feeling in his dick either and could stay hard and screw girls until they stopped him. (I once heard him go at it for over 3 hours inside of the same girl). He said he did not start "fuckin for money" until he was 13. (Most of them were called MILF'S and GILF'S or cougars. Some were as old as 72). He said the best training was while pretending to be scooping driveways and walks close to where he lived, or over on Denver Street. He told me sometimes the husband was there and knew it too. He later pointed out one of them that always paid him when he was finished with the wife. The going rate could be as much as $100, but often not even $50, depending on the wealth of the woman and the amount of time it took her to get a good climax. To this day I still cannot believe how naive I was back then not to have known this was going on right under my nose! (He worked for me doing odd jobs since he was three years old. All of my family thought of him as a kind and gentle, quite and considerate young man... wild and crazy at times, but a very determined hard worker. The best example I can give you was what happened during a bad storm one winter. (It had been snowing for a long time but the latest forecast said clearing overnite. Right then it was blowing hard and there was no movement left on the streets other than snow removal equipment). Randal appeared out of the darkness asking for money for cigarettes and a six pack of beer! I had him scoop our walk and gave him $6 and one beer... But told him I needed him the next morning to help with Mary's large driveway. (He promised he would be over early in the morning and hurried down the stairs to the Pack Horse before they closed). The next morning he did not show. Pam was cussing him as she scooped the walk by herself. I called his grandmother and she said he told her he was heading here when he left almost two hours ago. Mary was becoming impatient by this time so I went looking for him. He was up on Denver, but heading the wrong way? He said he just forgot and we drove straight to Mary's house. (On the way he said the snow shoveling was easy and he was making lots of money so I had to hurry). He had $635 in a Crown Royal bag with the pull string around his wrist... I do remember worrying that it might be drug money but he said "No, the driveways are deep and nobody else is out doing it yet... I am cleaning up" so we hurried to finish. In fact have a video of  the work done in this driveway that day and he did twice the work of the other three combined. We left in a hurry and he somehow lost that bag before we got back. (We drove the same route and looked everywhere without finding it. He finally said "just get me back where you found me so I can get some more" so I took him back. I continued to look without him for almost another hour without finding it). I did not see him until the following day, but his grandmother said he came home before dark very tired and had over $500 in the pockets of his carharts! You do the math... I cannot believe I did not figure it out right then. (Some say he had been doing it for pay since he was 9. Others say he got more from men than he did from women). I am not sure, but I fear this gets very wicked in a hurry and I now understand why he once told me he liked putting his big dick into somebody's ass more than anything else he did... Even though he had very little understanding of right and wrong I think he wanted to do that mostly just to get even in a way?

The "use" of a young boy like Randal to service "cougars" in Deadwood did not reach a high number until he turned 18 in 2008 as far as I know! (About 30 women over the age of 50 will remain anonymous for the most part at this time, only the charges of underage sodomy involving Venus or Monica and men they traded sex for drugs with. Also maybe people like the Double D bartender Lisa are of major concern). Before 2005 most of the wicked action started at the "beach" and remained in private locations. Many virgins were "taken" on the rocks in the trees just across the creek! Donna supplied all the drugs and most of the top shelf booze. JR supplied the White Lightning and Marvin had the pills. (This was actually the main location for all meetings to decide about the many millions of "hysterical" funding for things like support walls and most of that happened during the final ten years before Marvin died)... These crimes include too many people and will not be addressed until more "city leaders" have passed on by natural causes.

The other crimes listed below need more names and information before adding the additional people to fill in the gaps... this first listing is somewhat confusing and very incomplete!

The "money-laundry" service to legitimize the cocaine profits had not been properly documented before this posting either. (Although volume estimates are somewhere between 230 and 400 million dollars... just from the years 2006 through 2009)  and there are no pussy profits! That was an extra perk and another way to keep people from telling anyone if they were having second thoughts. We will post more accurate information on those totals at a later date! (The use of at least six drug runners to locations such as the Common Cents stores in Gillette, Wyoming or Scottsbluff, Nebraska must be followed up before formal charges are made. Drop locations such as the "fifth lifeguard station" of the Water Slide Park in Sioux Falls, for all points East... must also be clarified before final statements can be made! The meth and coke going north to the oil fields is another large problem that will only get worse, I have no idea how they will get control over that money.

The conspiracy involved in the cover-up included almost all of the lawyers, many in the courts and a few in the council... The gaming commission and workers in at least 13 Deadwood Casinos were also aware of everything, and did nothing! Some on the Historic Preservation Board and many other City of Deadwood Employees were also guilty. (Some ran and hid, others just hid the money). Almost nobody was able to sell their house before leaving though, unless they sold it to Donna! Several case workers at the Spearfish Behavior Management and at least one at the Regional West Mental Institute. (Many people have been identified by first name only... they must be correctly identified before posting that information). When a few people like Keith or Lenny were seen appearing... (but often only after decisions were made or deals were already done) it is noted, but left open for discussion as to their involvement... Lenny is a newcomer, but people like Keith were already there even before I was first made aware of any wrong doing! (Even now in the summer of 2013 he remains free to walk the streets and play the "snoop" during the early morning hours... I have yet to figure out what exactly his part really is in this. All I know for sure is that he was in on the ground floor of most of the money end of it and is always there when it is time for the payouts. Maybe just to get his cut... but I think he is the one deciding the percentages based on their efforts? His protection runs deep and he hides all profits better than most). I will never take him down while he remains in Deadwood... but I am sure I will see him in hell.

All the stupid threats and the foolish bribery or any involvement with pot will not be addressed at this time either. (I will wait until they charge me first. Maybe they should get rid of that cop named Spook though... Even real slow thinking grandmothers around town are onto him).

The sabotage or theft of my equipment is of no concern to others and will be addressed in another "more personal area" on the web. (As this page was being formatted Donna had just hired the past governor of our state to defend Mitch for stealing my computers... I am sure my family has a rough road ahead there, I know more than I wanted to about what he has done wrong)!

My computer losses have not hurt this case either, I double back up all my valuable work... I only wish I had those two missing years of family pictures back!

These web pages are also double served on three different domains... and can never be completely blocked.

It will not do any good to eliminate Randal either, too many others are now involved... Although seven originally named people are already dead now, many of the main players still remain and this fight is not over yet! It may in fact go all ten rounds, and this is only round three. (And if any of you are able to see us from the other side... Powerful people like Bernie, Ken, Ginger, Jeremy, Marvin, and even Romeo! Most importantly, Della and all the other sex toys... this Bud is 4U)!

Nobody can hurt me anymore either... I have already lost my job, my wife, and my life as I knew it! (I feel a little bit like Heidi when she said "you can't kill me... they already did that when they took my kids" after she was threatened for backing me).

I will soon reach a moment in time when I can no longer ever face my grandchildren again too. And as they get old enough to understand such wickedness is now connected to my name and their name they will not want to defend me or even think about me. For sure they will know shame when they read about it... but maybe, when the deed is done, these pages will save some of your children from reading about it! (Or somehow becoming trapped within such wickedness).
But I must hurry though. I have three grand daughters... and the oldest turns 13 soon!

For information about what started this domain war (about some good old days in Deadwood)!

Another web site now dedicated to save the Sturgis girls (who had a few on Donna's list)!