The gold rush is on... but maybe it is a fools gold!

This "fools gold" is what some people call cocaine... (although by weight it is worth more than real gold) except in this town!

I have made a web page with 12 X's on the maps within it. Each X is the exact location of up to 10 kilos of pure uncut cocaine.

I will send an email giving anyone a link to this web page inside a private message if you will give me a little bit of your time!

I cannot guarantee every "stash" still remains right where the X is... but most of the small bags, of a kilo or two should be...

You must understand, most of the criminals involved normally handled nothing less than a backpack full at a time (22 lbs).

(Almost every location contained only someone's private "payment" for drug runs, private sex, good deeds... or whatever)!

There is confusion about if a few of those bags contained a pound or a kilo. Sorry, some of them were brain-dead by then.

Most bags had been broken open and they were "using" out of them... but some people forgot where they hid them too!

A few locations were awaiting delivery (double-wrapped - 10 Kilo's... well cared for) and buried more than six feet deep.

A few are also almost on the surface... like under a rock! Right where it was first hidden by the girl who never returned.

(If you can talk to ghosts you might be able to find a few other locations on this land that nobody else knows about).

Be careful, those souls are not at rest... and most of them were very young when they were "disappeared" from here!

All twelve locations are on my land, not on the cemetery mentioned below... or the "Love Shack" property you see.

I am sure all the spots in that video have been dug up by the City of Deadwood by now, they may soon need it too!

But to be sure to get here while the getting is good.

And bring a tent... pitch it where mine use to be!

Bring friends, use up what you find B4U leave.

Enjoy Deadwood. If you see any of my family.

Maybe you could give them a nice tip...

They may need that by now too!

Also... please read below.


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(Maybe the rest of my life WAS actually wasted after all...

I posted this in March and a month later I have no response)?

But maybe someone can help on another matter. Read below...

(It is a story about my great-grandfather's lost brother).


More information is requested about a past relative of my family.

Any details would be helpful, even a “second-hand” story...

(Especially if it is found in the writings of the 1876 time period).

Or... If you CAN talk to the dead, tell someone in my family.


Here is all we know at this time.

One of the Sullivan brothers working west in the 1870’s disappeared.

He was known by some family members as the wild one of the bunch.

He was in fact nicknamed Wild Willy or Wild Wooly at times by many.

His last work document lists him as one of the Irish railroads roughens!

(His last picture shows him over 6 ft. tall and very broad shouldered).

Although clean shaven when last seen heading north from Colorado…

He was better known as somewhat of a renegade with a kinky full beard.

The last letter places him in the Deadwood area before April of 1876.

He never returned for any mail held at this location after that month.

I once heard he died quickly on a hillside, and was never even buried.

(The Irish were not held in very high regard during that time in this area).

That is all we know for sure at this time…

Although, myself and 3 others can “feel” some danger in one location!

(That location was in the SW corner of what is now a cemetery here).

The “strong spot” is just inside the corner... and about ten feet up the hill.

The actual boundary of the St. Ambrose Cemetery was not there yet then.

The trees in this area had not even been totally cleared yet… at that time.

I first “walked straight to this spot” in July of 1958, for no apparent reason?

In the mid 80s an old Mountain Man “see’er” walked straight to the same spot.

(He told me he "saw" a small ransacked dugout... along with a large body).

Years later a young girl who was “touched” walked there several times.

She didn’t see anything, but said she feared for me while standing there.

A Jewish Indian also told me someone in “our” family was murdered there?

I did not direct any of them to this spot; they all went there on their own!

Over the years I also took 2 other Psychic people up there without results.

(They would not even enter this graveyard, warning only of great sorrow…

One of them was actually a Catholic, but she only sat at the gate and cried).


This is just “hear-say” information and could be considered foolish nonsense.

I am more interested in what most people refer to as documented facts.

(If he remained here for months he must have made friends with others...

They may have also been Irish, or maybe accustom to hard work...

They may have mentioned him in letters sent back home)!

His correct first name was actually Owen…

But here he may have been known only as W.W. Sullivan.

Others in this family homesteaded and prospered.

But he was never heard from again?


I was also told about some hidden gold he may have placed there.

If you can help with this matter, the hidden gold is yours.

If you want it, reply to the following address.


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