An interesting letter

Actually a "draft" update to a lawyer (I was hoping at the time) would take my case!

I did not make any corrections (even spelling) from the original text as it appears here.

THE VIDEO IS A FINAL TALK... This letter was just something called a "lawyer brief" from 10 Sept 09...

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(An update of the latest developments pertaining to Kellars vs Sullivans)


The first indication I had that Donna Kellar was planning anything underhanded to get our land was late in the summer of 2006… when she showed a great deal of anger towards me on the streets of Deadwood. (Me personally… not my gunslinger character).

I was playing Prescott Webb, an old stagecoach robber in the 4 PM show. It was about “ten till” and we were still working the crowd on the sidewalk when Donna and Ken came into view… Donna was the first to speak and all she said was “You ever going to sell that land”?

I said, “Yea, but the price has doubled since the last time we talked about it… I found gold down on the creek and somebody is bidding it up now” (a somewhat true statement… keep in mind, we are performing in front of a crowd in Deadwood).

At this time Ken was still handling the finances in the family and he then said something like OK, what is it you want now?

(I quietly notified Ken that the asking price had doubled to 88 thousand, due to increased interest and the discovery of a number of valuable items from the past down at the bottom in the “old whore’s pond” and the adjacent creek bed).

There is more to that story than it would seem at the time... I actually got along very well with Ken (especially when he was sober enough to talk seriously) and almost sold him the land right there on the bench outside of the Buffalo Bar... maybe if we had spent more than a few minutes talking about the details. A deal was in the works and everything could have ended right then! (I mean everything involving me and Donna, drugs and young girls, the city and my acre of land on Spring Creek). I am not sure how many more young girls would have died or gone missing. I am not sure how many of my friends or their "turn-coat" carriers would have been murdered... maybe it would have been the friends of someone else or some honest cop that took the heat! Who knows... maybe the Kellar Foundation would have introduced many "very rich" people to the town and we would have remained "depression proof" to this day!

Ken sat down on the bench and grabbed for his heart as Donna gave me a very mean stare and said something under her breath… then stepped into the street to pose for pictures while the other old west character I was teamed with changed the subject. The gunfight was close to starting and I told Ken I would talk to him more after the show… they left and I never did get another chance to speak with him about the land or the value of it.

The price of 88 thousand had not actually been "picked out of the air" as Ken stated at the time. (It was the same amount as the wall bid for my neighbor across the street. That bid had been awarded to "Marvin and crew" and was well under way). It was also almost the same amount I needed to do what was nessicary to correctly repair the property and house my daughter had just purchased a block away from our home here in Deadwood. The main sticking point was the fact that I wanted to retain a small portion of the "old pond" at the bottom of my property. I did not know why Ken was so determined to have me totally erased from that area of town. (I did not know he wanted all drugs and sex removed from his apartment and that was the only way this deal would work to his advantage).

(I talked to one of his business friends after the season ended and was told Ken did not want the land for any price, it was only Donna who wanted more privacy at that house they were fixing up for her… He also said they planned to buy it on time and that I should hold out for cash money).

NOTE: That "friend" was Bob Regan, and I think he had my best interest in mind throughout the entire time period. Donna was actually very wealthy by this time and could pay cash for anything she wanted. (But only to someone who would remain silent, leave town, and never connect her to any large sum of money). I do not know how much of this information was very well known outside the "trusted group" connected to the drugs or the young girls being abused by these people.

A realtor later informed Donna I had never intended to sell the land to the Kellars and was using them to increase other offers… this was also somewhat true! One of my workers (Randal) later told me he also gave them that information after they promised him money and other things to spy on me the following summer.

She made one more attempt to act friendly and work out some kind of deal while we talked up at the ski lodge on Terry Peak during a Ski for Light event in late January of 2007. (My wife was there and we were too busy helping others to spend much time talking about it… this seemed to anger Donna and the bitterness started shortly after).

A video of Donna taken at that time was also found to be very interesting "after the fact" you might say... Donna had actually gone to a great deal of trouble and was at this event to offer them a "large donation" to "get between" our family and this SFL organization! According to our "lip reading" experts among this group the refusal of such a large amount of money just to get rid of us was quite a mystery to some at that time. (The sale of the Franklin Hotel had already ended our "close" connection with this group). She would have wasted her money... and if she had approached one of the leaders in this group who already did not care for "me and my ways" they would have taken her up on it too!

During March and April of 2007 Donna and her boyfriend Mitch became very agitated with us every time we took anything to the land. We had a number of projects planned for the following summer and were unloading supplies around or inside a tent not far from the house the boyfriend was living at… (We had been refused by the city on a permit requested for a temporary storage unit at this location and were running out of room to put some of the larger items).

By early May one of my daughters and a son had also received a request to clean up all items visible outside their homes… those large “junky” items went to the land as well. I was then served with a cleanup order on all visible “junk” at this property… just as soon as we finished cleaning up all the other property owned by our family. (At this time the people working for the city were not aiming much anger towards our family or singling us out)… it was just the standard “clean up the town for the tourists” time of the year!

That is not very accurate! Several members of the City of Deadwood were actually conspiring with others to "set me up" at this time. The homes of my children were also "targeted" and several plans were already in the works. The "house her boyfriend had been living at" was actually very active by this time as far as the amount of cocaine being "cut" and the various drop bags being prepared for delivery... It is no wonder they needed more privacy and would do just about anything to keep me from snooping around.

(The only true “junk” I was responsible for actually remained loaded on my old “dump run” pickup and trailer, now also located at this land. All other items were somewhat valuable property owned by a number of people planning various projects for the upcoming summer).

This “junk moving” thing has had a long and colorful history at this location… (In fact it has been going on ever since the depression ended in about 1936). The entire area has been at times one large dumping ground… even after it was no longer a legal city dump! (Although the practice is limited to the warm months as this area is often not accessible most of the time in the winter! The roads are very narrow and treacherous… and also not on the snow-removal map).

As long as I have been involved with this land, starting in the early eighties, the junk from this house has been more of a problem than any stuff hauled in from any other location… (This shack was often rented out in the summer for a cheap rate and abandon shortly after the weather caused the renters to walk up the hill to get home most of the time). Almost every time they just stopped paying rent and waited to be evicted, typically letting the house freeze up to get even… and of course leaving all their junk behind when they left! The following spring the plumbing fixtures and all remaining junk was tossed over the hill onto the roadway below… which was also the “turn-around” area above the original city dump. As part of my spring-cleaning I would push everything on over the cliff and give the people who owned the house a hard time. (Then they would point out any junk I had on my property and we would agree to disagree about who owned what junk and very little more would be said until the next time it happened).

The biggest factor that changed the way things have always worked in this area was the fact that the old Catholic Cemetery above this property has now been deeded to the City of Deadwood. (I have heard a great deal of “Hysterical” money is about to be spent on this location)… They have already spent over thirteen million on the other famous old cemetery… since all that “Historic Preservation” casino money began to be earmarked strictly for that propose about twenty years ago!

During this same time the house now owned by Donna, (and surrounded by this land), was instead being remodeled as a show-place rather than a rental… But all wood and other junk on her property was still being moved over onto my land… most of it into the private roadways I used within my property. Each time this happened I returned the junk… the anger increased between my crews and Mitch, (the caretaker she now placed full time at the renamed “Love-shack”… to protect this now much more valuable property).

That might be the funniest part of this entire event... if it was not also involving those girls or the drugs! Throughout this entire period of time Randal was working for me on the weekends and secretly for Donna on the weekdays. Several times we drove up to this land with a load of items to store in our tent and found the road blocked by junk from Donna's property. I would have Randal move it back over to their property... only to find it back in my roadways the following weekend. He would then get paid to remove it again. (He was also getting paid by them to put it there). On one occasion Mitch came out of the house with two dogs and a gun on his belt. When the dogs ran over to me I knelt down and began to make friends with them. (That was the only time I ever saw him draw his gun on me in public... And his comment "that's not all who could get shot" after I said in laughter "Be careful Mitch, ya might shoot your dog" was at the time thought to be just a joking comment). I even mentioned then that he should try to be more neighborly! That comment brought on another mean exchange of words and I realized his true intent was to provoke me any way he could. The next time I saw him was in court. And he lied under oath when he told them I started all this trouble too!

The “junk” thing now became more of a vicious game than a trade of insults, (the placement of what they called junk on my property began to be a major problem in fact)!

Although the statement that it was an eye sore from her window in the kitchen was not even close to the truth, it sounded good in court! (You can’t see any of it from that window and nobody in that house has ever cooked anything but white stuff in a spoon). We knew for sure that Mitch did not cook and soon figured out his eating schedule… with a little help from Randal, who lived just around the corner. We would occasionally haul a load of our stuff and move any true junk they had placed in various private roads on the land to block us as soon as he moved his car from the alley, (which normally blocked any access to our other private roadways above this area). We figured the items would be a problem in time and were angry that the city would not allow us any storage units… We had in fact located more storage and had a plan in the works at the time, (if they had just gave us the time we ask for all problems would have been resolved by now).

Following a suggestion by a friend and neighbor working with the city of Deadwood I hired more workers and removed everything possible to a lower location far out of site… separating all items into smaller groups, less than the 120 sq. ft. allowed by storage laws. (The areas were first leveled and pallets were placed on the ground… each group was then covered by tents or tarps and tightly wrapped). The entire area was then inspected by two Deadwood Police Officers…any problems were discussed and all advice was followed, as to not be in violation of any storage rules within the city limits.

Bernie was my long time neighbor/friend working for the city at the time. (At no time until her death did she ever lie to me about anything involving this dispute... at times even going up against the wishes of the mayor and others in various positions). I do not know for sure the names of both officers involved in this part of the "plan" to remove me from this land. I am not even sure if they were totally aware of their part in what plan by what group of what people by then or even later? (And I never will now)! I do know Tony, Rob, and Greg all knew there was a major problem brewing and they could have warned me how serious it could get... but they said nothing? Cindy and Greg may have still been "on the fence" at that time too. All I know for sure was that Randal told me Mitch was probably going to shoot me and he was not wanting to work with me anymore if I planned to be around him! We left the following day for my "old homestead" location in Nebraska. We dug up my "horse-drawn" corn binder and went back for a load of our old barn wood. My plan was to reconstruct some kind of "historic" dug-out type building on lot F and STAKE MY CLAIM so to speak. (I now regretfully realize my "plan" did not fit very well into any "plan" by any group working against us at this time)! Keep in mind, by then only a few dozen men had been having sex with less than a dozen girls in the "Love Shack" and the drug business with the oil field to the north had just hit the big time. The operation had simply outgrown Marvin's beach and the Double D Bar. The house at this location was totally isolated. The only problem was some loud mouth cowboy named Larry... who kept coming by to mess with stuff stored on his land... the same land first claimed by his ancestors!

The following month a large antique corn binder and a pickup load of old barn wood was placed at the very top of the land… When Donna again complained I talked with the Police Officer who had signed our original cleanup orders and assured her the wood was only laid out to be straightened and would soon be removed. She said the city was having other problems with Donna at this time and not to worry about it.

That was when the city found out the Kellar's now owned part of the Monument land above the cemetery, and I guess they wanted a favor! They soon got it too...

(Only two week later all items were removed from my land by 19 “summer workers” without anything being said to us by anyone).

When I ask the officer about it she said the city lawyer had been talking with “some lawyer from Belle” who worked for Donna… the statement had been made in the police station that it was now out of their hands. She was told JR and the city people would be handling the problem with this land from now on!

I think that so-called lawyer from Belle was the same one spotted up on the "love shack" deck... shortly after having sex with a young girl, while high on pure cocaine! Some of the "summer kids" hired by JR and the city were friends of our family up until that time too! Cindy "washed her hands" of me and my friends at this moment and joined with others from that point on... She later admitted she should have just left town instead. From this time on... my car, my job, my family (even my friends) paid a heavy price. Even my old homestead was lost! (Within a month I lost most of them... within another year, all the rest)!

I felt this underhanded behavior was illegal and began several small claim cases against the city. (Both were below the limit of $12,000 and I described the items they listed as junk… each claim also listed various items separated by their rightful owners). The lawyer then tricked me, by placing them together and requesting a trial by jury… I was to submit a paper, which I did… He later said it was not done properly and all cases had now “gone away” so I must start over.

Fighting city hall was foolish. I was told by everyone to just sell the land and be done with it. (This only added fuel to the fire). I was now more determined than ever...

Before I could do anything Donna started a new approach by placing her extra cars and trucks in all roadways leading to my land. As soon as I found an opportunity I drove a backhoe down to my land and began to repair old roadways at lower locations. I was hoping to get all the way to the bottom and build an access road that would connect to the now proposed Spring Creek Highway.

That new highway, and the proposed work to be done at the top of this land (now that the city had taken over the Saint Ambrose Cemetery) had caused this land to become even more valuable. It had also caused renewed efforts by other people connected to the city… now attempting to buy my land at any cost. (I again refused to sell anything but shares in the development of this land for historic purposes).

During this time two of my children living in this area were also approached with various angles concerning the sale of this land and my wife was addressed at her work location.

(My wife and I were also both offered “a deal” by JR and others for the return of all items removed… but only if nothing was ever returned to the land).

(Lenny lived around the corner from this land. The dental assistant in Deadwood and Pam's coworker had different angles and even attempted trickery to buy this small acreage from us). Some were wanting it cheap too, claiming it was going to cause REAL trouble if we did not sell soon! I do not know how many of them were working on the behalf of Donna's group or just wanted it for themselves... I will never know for sure. One thing I do know... the value continued to increase, along with my ego!

Then some realtor from Lead called me a number of times one day with an “open offer” on this land. His words by the third conversation were very simply stated… “Just price it and I will have the money for you shortly” although I continued to repeat clearly my stand at that time was not to any person for any price!

I was very bitter and discouraged by now and my backhoe was stuck on a very steep new roadway at the edge of my land… Donna said I could not go back down onto her land to get it out. I requested help from the city to pull it up and they laughed openly. I also requested help rebuilding some of the old roads and one support wall, which was also refused. I then mentioned the archeology college students wanted to help with a dig in the old city dump and that seemed to cause a great deal of concern!

I later found out they were told not to even talk to me about this "dump dig" ever again. I went back to the farm and told my father about the problem I had with the backhoe and the land. He was not only furious but also confused... (At this time the values of homes and vacant land such as mine were dropping fast everywhere in America! "In free-fall, across the board, regardless of location, without exception" was some of the words he used at the time). But not in Deadwood? BULLSHIT! (This caused my mother to come into view at the office door... my father NEVER said bad words). I argued it was because of the gambling! (People were saying this gambling town was "depression-proof" as they say... in fact I even believed it at that time too). Many others said this town was growing so fast it was only going to "slow down" a bit for a while, and then take off again!

WHAT WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING HERE WAS CAUSED BY THE ENDLESS FLOW OF MILLIONS FROM THE PROFITS OF THOSE DRUGS MOVED BY DONNA AND HER GROUP! (Everywhere but here there was a surplus of homes for sale! But not around here! After a while it was oblivious, even to those who were not involved in anything even close to illegal). Also, for some time now girls had been turning up missing and a few other families were badly shamed by talk about underage sex with old men for drugs. Donna was quietly buying up houses and people were leaving town, some without their young girls! Meanwhile my land was now being offered for one dollar per sq. ft. on eBay... I had 16 investors at 10 sq. ft. each and a bunch more at one dollar each. I had 43,287 shares left when people came at me from all sides! I took down the web site promoting the land and things began to quiet down...

The winter arrived early and Donna moved back to the apartment above the Bodega… now turning over a new leaf! (She no longer posed nude, or drove around with Deadwood Diva plates on her Hummers. Randal claimed she no longer even offered free cocaine to the underage kids in some “sex-slave” business she was alleged to be running! Donna stopped drinking the “white-lightning” hooch provided by JR and started providing “top-shelf” whiskey to the any of the so-called quality people involved. She even stopped working openly with all construction crews on illegal bids using the “Historic Money” and began a somewhat monogamous affair with the bodyguard she had married in that fake wedding up at the Homestake Mansion).

Part of that paragraph is confusing... there are actually two JR's involved. (One is a so-called "war hero" with one kidney who was in charge of the city shop. The other one was a bootlegger who often walked to town with a few jugs of booze from his still). After witnessing some of the down and dirty dealing involving young girls who worked for that drunk people called a "hero" I would not want to soil the reputation of the other JR... I do not think he ever did anything wrong but sell his hooch to Donna at Marvin's beach. And at the time I was also still trying to figure out how much of this story about Donna and drugs and little girls was actually true! (It was not only hard to believe, it was almost too wicked to imagine).

Now, after ten years of research and over two hundred interviews I think I have but scratched the surface on the total amount of money, drugs, girls, or wickedness!

Her husband’s health continued to fail and it appeared at times he did not even know who he was… she took over all control of his holdings in this area. (By her claim this included 13 Casinos and 46 rentals at this time).

She continued to slander me at all times and had a hand in ending my job with the city as a summertime gunslinger. She also attempted to slander my wife as the leader of the local Catholic Church. This was not very successful, (but the church did get money for weekly church cleaning from now on… something our family had done for free throughout the last 25 years)! She even helped out encouraging several noise complaints to encourage one of our daughters to move away from the apartment beside her home next to my land… and what the realtors now called “Donna’s Love-Shack” up on the hill. (Randal said the people who were know to party up there thought I was spending too much time in the area while watch the kids for my daughter).

Pardon my misspelling of the word "known" above and any other mistakes. (Somewhere in city vaults there is a record of this writing and six more. I do not want to change anything said at that time). I only want to update as much as possible (in red) all information missing or misunderstood at that time. Also, keep in mind Randal likes to lie to everyone about everything... I know now he had been accepting Donna's drugs for sex and other work since the fall of 2001... over five years before this time period!

Randal later told me it was at this time Donna and her lawyers formulated a plan to eliminate me at all costs… Randal said he was promised five thousand dollars in cash and a job running all equipment they took from me after it was over. In the meanwhile he was offered all the cocaine he wanted and free food or booze at the Double D Bar. Randal stated although he was now 18 the other “sex-toys” offered to her group continued to include girls younger than him… Only now he added most of the actual sex happened up at her apartment, or after they locked the doors at the bar. (It also appears she had been tipped off about an investigation I was involved with concerning illegal money laundering and mishandling of historic funds).

All cocaine was reported to now be delivered by the daughter of Lisa, (the boss in the rock crew) that Randal had the affair with since joining them when he was sixteen. Money no longer came from outside of town to be gambled into any of her machines and the profits from drug sales began to be used to trade for additional support from more new people… even traded for a bit of slander-work aimed at myself and my family.

That was not even close... but at the time it was the only story I had multiple reports that matched (from sources that did not know each other). The entire truth may never be known for sure but cocaine was the main drug Donna and her crew worked with in large quantity. Once "cut" and broke down they traded it for the meth they got from Montana and Wyoming and sent most of that north to the oil field. Skinny girls did some "drops" to garbage trucks and took their payment in cocaine mostly. I was surprised to find I had no problem video taping or taking pictures of these events... they were very cool and calm in their actions! They had smaller runs to the east and never went past Sioux Falls. Most of the pot came from Colorado... again, only a trade! I think the business peaked in about 2010 or '11 but I am not sure?

Also from about this time on we noticed the Deadwood Police began to “target” our cars during snow removal, while leaving others untouched in the same area. By the spring everyone in my family noticed an obvious lack of support, at times even from the elderly of this community, which in the past was our main strength.

Our family noticed somewhat of a division starting up regarding the people working in the casino industry as well… those who now hated Donna, and those who still worked or rented from her. (I stepped out of the picture after people began to offer me dirt on her… I am well known as a troublemaker, loudmouth, rabble-rouser, problem-solver, whatever… depending on who is telling the story! I knew this could develop into a major issue and the family all agreed I should not involve myself too much with local gossip until I had solved the private issue between her and the land. We were after all neighbors, and in this town you must get along with your neighbors during major snowstorms or you might freeze to death!

OK, I am not sure why I said that... maybe it was to protect some who were still telling me things while trying to keep the job with an enemy!

I had also been reminded that the some of the people working for the City of Deadwood had been working overtime dealing with problems involving Donna and her new-found control over money and power from outside this community. Some of these same people wanted to get that valuable land away from me and had different plans for what would be done with it now that the old Cemetery was on the agenda. (One of my best spies told me nothing would tickle the city more than a big fight between Donna and I… This would keep us both busy for a while and they would only need to deal with whoever won the battle sometime in the future). It was also to their advantage to drag it out as long as possible and make it as complicated as they could!

I think that is why the lawyer working for the city has broken some rules by giving the people working for Donna more inside information designed to hurt me…

The first actual “lawyer type” contact I had with Donna was a case involving my backhoe blocking access to her worthless little empty lot she paid one dollar for… and the request that I not have the right to cross the edge of her land to get to my lower roadways. (When I ask the professionals about this I was assured that this roadway was over one hundred years old… was a permanent part of all maps still surviving within this community going back to 1878. All agreed my access could not be disputed in any normal court of law).

I foolishly believed this statement and did not spend any money on a real lawyer! We lost in court on the seventh of July 2009… The old roadway now belonged to them and the only easement allowed was now strictly for their proposes! I was then given 30 days to remove the backhoe or they would move it and charge me for doing it, although the mention by the judge of 30 days was later not found in the paper I received in the mail. (It appeared at the time this paperwork had already been prepared by the lawyer representing Donna and may have played into the next part of their plan).

Those advising me stated my lots could not be land-locked in this matter. Although it was possible the argument may have to be taken away from the local support Donna had inside this community and within the local courts. A number of other issues pertaining to the threats made by Mitch, (to the children playing on my land as well as threats made to my workers and anyone else coming close enough to the shack to see him), was to be included in this case as soon as we had enough money saved up to proceed. Another issue to be addressed was a dangerous wire Donna had placed at the edge of her new lot, which had resulted in some injury to several children by this time.

One other issue, often claimed to be irrelevant, must be discussed as well…

The year before this my father had purchased that backhoe with the understanding I would finish my work and bring it down to the farm for an upcoming project he needed to do. After I got it stuck and caused all the attention to be directed towards this land he advised me to sell this property and not waste any money on lawyers or try to fight city hall… I refused his request and used his warm feelings towards my grandchildren at Christmas to convince him we still had a backup plan that would work within a year! That winter he helped my brother to repair an older backhoe they already owned. Their plan was to use it on his project instead, which they did… but with disastrous results! I cannot say that this problem I had with Donna or the city was directly responsible for the loss of my dad, but it may play out that way… Especially as far as the long-term history of my family, as they will actually remember how the overall turn of events caused this terrible thing to happened. (It is possible the engine they replaced was a bit too powerful… it caused the unit to jump out of gear as he drove it up a big hill out in the canyons. It went over a cliff with him on it and he was badly injured… In fact all agree he will never recover from such terrible injuries at his age and only time will tell if he had forgiven me before he is gone! So far we are not even on speaking terms and the latest developments are not helping that situation in the least bit). Regardless of all other facts I did returned to the farm and remained there until he got out of the hospital several months later! He is now out of the wheelchair most of the time… in what they call guarded condition, and somewhat mobile at times. (Only the chemical/fertilizer business remains shut down and the farm is doing as good as possible… although overall profits from this year will be several million dollars less than last year, and most of that loss could be directly related to me or that stupid backhoe)!

This did not have a good ending for anyone really. (My father continues to survive, but barely! He is "hunched over" and can only get around with a walker for short distances. They closed down the fertilizer and chemical business entirely and do very little steel work other than for themselves). My continued work on fighting this wicked fight has ended my life as I knew it... and all hope for any future or good fortune.

Meanwhile I thought Donna and her bunch had backed off… but the night I returned somebody shot my dog when I went back out to the pickup for my pillows! (My neighbors think it was Mitch, but I have never got him to admit it in front of anyone).

After I worked very hard getting the corn planted my brother gave me some money to buy an old broken “Bobcat” to use for pulling out the backhoe. A member of Ski for Light helped me repair it and things were progressing without any additional help from the city or anyone other than family. 

We got the backhoe pulled out and I cleaned up the old road leading to the lower part of my land. (We still had a number of days to spare… out of the 30 days I was given by Judge Johnson to complete this task).

In fact I think we had less than three hours of work remaining on the ancient roadway and were very close to getting back to our original plan to complete all work promised in past years down at the old pond. (I had also contacted the group wanting to excavate a portion of the old city dump… I think Donna was tipped off at that time).

On this very day, the normally able-bodied operator of the Bobcat (Randal) began to stall out on completing the last of the work! I was surprised at the number of excuses he used that afternoon to put off the last of this work. (We were planning to take off by five anyway… it was the evening of my wife’s birthday party, instead we quit 3 hours early)!

Sometime later that day Randal did the most damaging thing he ever did to me and my family... he later cried thinking about doing it as we celebrated Pam's special birthday. It was the one following "year five" of the cancer in remission... (the "stage 4 - Clark level 5" melanoma cancer that should have killed her sometime before this "deadline" death sentence year). He actually showed great respect for Pam at all times during his life up until now! But he was forced into a corner by local people supporting Donna at the time. People also knew if I made it to the bottom with all my equipment it would be very hard to stop me from that point on forward.

The following morning we returned to find all roads blocked by cars and trailers belonging to the Kellar people! Mitch immediately threatened us shortly after we walked down and got the first machine started. (This all happened a bit after eight in the morning and I noticed within fifteen minutes four of the nine people who arrived normally had never been seen at work before 9 AM… I think a number of them had been contacted the day before and were involved in this manner for reasons outside of their normal duties).

"A number of them had been contacted" is an understatement! I was later to hear about the meeting of what we thought were "god-fearing church-going" friends from our parish at Marvin's beach. There was a session at city hall with JR and his bunch, another one at the love shack included Keith and a few crooked lawyers, and finally... down at the Double D Bar, which Keith also attended. There were over two dozen so called "town fathers" involved.

Several of these people had also been involved previously in either the cocaine use, the underage sexual practices, the wicked sodomy behavior… and/or the illegal uses of many millions originally earmarked for historic preservation! (It is going to take me a while to get all that evidence prepared for court, so the word alleged must continue to be over-used most of the time involving the crimes mentioned in the last sentence)!

I had been told much of that information by more than one person by this time... but something must also be considered as a negative factor working against me right then! (Sometimes people hate someone who has "wronged" them enough to tell out-right lies just to cause trouble for those they have hatred for. They often tell "trouble makers" like me so I can take the blame if it is not later proven to be totally true or whatever). I also figured some people were hearing about evil things that happened to others and they were "joining in" to get help, pity, support, or just reaction! This is difficult to sort out... especially when you are dealing with desperate young people who have nothing to lose. The "powers to be" at the time were also some of the most experienced back-stabbers I had ever dealt with in my life!

Several people also lied openly in front of others after I attempted to explain my side of this disagreement, and ignored my statements about boundary lines and past problems attempting to comply with those having other plans for my land. (The arresting Officer even signed papers that I should be committed and considered insane)… Little does he know how strange that sounds to many involved in this case up to now! It could be said I am crazy to think anyone could be openly accused of such wrongdoings without solid proof. It could be also be correctly stated that their best possible defense may be that I am crazy and making it up as well. But the fact that this town has a very rich history of just such wickedness in the past should also be considered. And the main thing many people do not realize is that for a number of years now this town has been equipped with thousands of video surveillance cameras capable of very high quality… The kind necessary for my friends in Ski for Light who can read lips to write a complete log of the conversations others thought were totally private at the time.

It had been decided by most in my group the only thing that will "for sure" condemn any illegal deeds by all people involved (in this wicked "overly" corrupt community of Deadwood) was to place everything on the Internet. In time this will allow the public to judge all evidence as it plays out... at whatever pace they choose. Each and every man can be "timed" both in and out of that hot tub in the love shack. Then follow that with the testimony of what any young girl can remember of every event. Then follow that with how she was drugged up and fooled into this predicament in the first place... Her side of the story, followed by how Randal or others were instructed and paid for doing such a thing! (Ending with the last words spoken to her family before she died in rehab... at a very young age). Then we can follow this same old pervert to the deck of the love shack and "lip sync" their private conversation with others involved in this conspiracy to help Donna stop me from spying on them.

At any rate, I was arrested for repeating each threat spouted by Mitch, (as I have done for years every time I had to deal with him), while Mitch and Donna went back to her shack for more planning with her people.

For some reason my bail was increased and several members of my family were then scared away… even by some they had trusted for years. The only witness for my defense was then approached in a number of different ways… I was told his dad signed a paper to commit him as well, I know Mitch/Donna/her lawyer coached him… drugs and a tiny girl were said to be involved to influence him even more.

Randal was lucky he was not erased at that time! Keith was also seen going into the backdoor of the Double D Bar again that evening. I think he must be one of those making the final call on some major decisions, at least when a large amount of money is involved. The "tiny girl" Randal later called Amy... an old case worker, is not correct. I have only seen her once but I will never forget her look! Somehow she plays into this (on the wicked side) I am afraid. She has "the look " I have seen a few times before. It is a look of guilt or shame... or something related to it anyway?

The next day my computers were stolen from the “safe-house” that had been provided by a Pennington County Officer. (The one Randal sat in while he confessed his part in setting me up just two days before that). It was also reported that Mitch and Randal were later together in the safe house at the time of this theft… And on the day of my court that poor boy was drugged up so badly he could not even stand.

With the help of an outside investigator we then pressed charges for breaking and entering, and theft of over $10,000 worth of equipment… but to this date nothing came out of that for some reason!

Ex Governor Janklow made that one "go away" but I do not know how they will be able to deal with the murder charges. This is not over... it is just starting!

I went to court on the 9th of September… on the simple assault/failing to leave charges, pled not guilty and finally met Joe in person (the newest court appointed lawyer offered to me from Lead).

When I returned home I found in the mail two more charges ordered by the court. (Replace the dirt in the roadway, or they will do it and charge me for the work to once again block my only access to the bottom of my land)… Also contempt of court, saying I will be fined $250 a day for having threatening equipment too close to Donna’s love nest or something? It is now getting to the point that I am afraid to even get my mail.

I have discussed all this with those in the family who still feel I am worth talking to and have formulated a plan to go outside of this area and reach out to more professionals!

That took ten years... and I am getting old faster these days. Now I just hope I can see this through to the end!

My main regret at this time is that I do not have more money… to pay smarter people… to help me fix any of these problems!

That's wrong, money won't help... they have more! But if you still pray... say one for the good guys.


If you know information that could be helpful send me an email at the address below...


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