Crime "cover-ups"

This page shows parts of the largest cop cover up I have ever personally witnessed in this small town. The taping clearly showed how they twisted the truth in their favor! Although it took them many hours to figure out how to do it... and nothing moved on any roads that entire time. (On the busiest day of the Bike Rally an over-zealous cop was trying to pull over a tired ice truck driver for speeding! Just as he made it to the edge of city limits the cop sped ahead and cut him off... The driver had been getting up at 5 in the morning for days by then and was about half asleep, he was also wearing headphones and not aware of the cop until he saw him cut in front. This top-heavy truck swerved and tipped over... sliding into the police car, but not before a biker was caught between them. This man was ground into hamburger as the passenger in the ice truck watched through the windshield)! When everything came to a stop that passenger crawled up out of his window and pulled the cop out of his car... beating him senseless right there on the highway in front of witnesses! I was in a parking lot several blocks below shooting an interview of a tourist from Canada... who did not know "why all these bikes" were in town! I walked directly up to the scene before they could "call for backup" and get control of the situation! They saw my camera and backed me off, but I got three eye-witness video interviews from two different angles before anyone got professionals talking to most of the people... who later began to say they did not see anything. (For the rest of that day both roads on the edge of Deadwood were blocked... before it ended I counted 131 people in various uniforms helping to change the story of what had actually happened). My daughter was working miles away at a gas station where the dead man's wife stopped her bike to wait for him to catch up! It was almost three hours before this woman was even escorted away from sitting on the curb in the hot sun by some officer. (She could not go back, all traffic had stopped everywhere within minutes of this accident). My daughter said she knew something was terrible wrong at this accident... just by what was coming in over the scanner from the station's tow truck. She took the lady some water and told her the way it sounded the road must have been damaged and no travel was possible. She thought the husband was stuck in the traffic up on the hill.

Back at the scene the cop and the passenger were taken away long before the man that was dead. Both were treated for severe trauma, but no charges were ever brought against either of them! The next day a small article appeared in the local paper. It was written by the famous "Scott" who did all the reporting for our local cops... It explained how the brakes had failed in an ice truck and how this cop had tried to use his car to "save the day" resulting in one death... It also stated "although traffic was very heavy" and many more could have been injured. (The officer did later recover from his injuries... but should have been charged with man-slaughter). I wonder if over one hundred of our "finest" will someday "pay restitution" before entering the gates of heaven! I know my daughter was angry that they did not even offer any help to that woman. After she had sat on the curb for so long... She was offered no truthful information either, no time for that! Just fill out this statement and you may go... not even a room for the night! (It all started out simple enough... a speeding ticket for the iceman! It was the ending that left all of us in disbelief). In fact to this day my daughter cannot speak openly about this event! But I told her long ago... some day, some way, somebody will pay! (Does anybody out there still remember this accident? Would you like to help me do some justice)?

html5 video example by v2.8

I could have gotten video of the cop car chasing the ice truck but missed that part! (I had the camera on a tripod with the road in the background. I was showing the heavy traffic while the Canadian was asking why all these bikers were in town. I shut off the camera because that "woop-woop" noise of a cop car was getting closer and messing up my sound... I actually did not stop the interview until I noticed all traffic had stopped several minutes later).

The complete interviews can be found in another more silent "dedicated" web site about criminal justice for bad cops.

This is a 1 min. example of why you should not believe all you hear? Especially when it is "all the cops" in the wrong.

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