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Below is part of a letter I completed for a lawyer on the 4th of September in 2009. (After receiving several letters from the courthouse). Although things were happening much faster than the mail regarding most attempts to delay our progress... I think it was just a few "made up" charges to keep me on the defense more than anything. Shortly after (and for reasons I cannot explain) the charges simply "went away" like some of the people who were involved?

This letter is not complete (the boring middle part is missing) however, more information about the rest of it must be explained in better detail at this time!

This letter and many others should still be on record at the courthouse. Nothing printed in BLACK has been corrected, changed or deleted... as it remains the truth as far as I knew at the time. (Anything stated as rumor or gossip remains questionable when stated as such).

This update was completed in April of 2016... now more than twenty years since the people in this community began every attempt possible to get this land out of my possession. (There were various reasons given as time passed. Although I think some local people wanted it simply because they did not want an enemy to get it)! Many had no reason other than their own greed, but Donna's need for complete privacy to protect the perverted actions of important people or the movement of large quantities of drugs had not received any serious consideration at that time!


Response to the Sept 09 court requested charges

(Kellars vs Sullivans… 2 charges, Contempt of court - Civ. No. 09-299)


     Various legal people have advised us to reply to theses charges within 30 days…

(There was no mention in the lawyer’s paperwork about any time frame… this response was advised by our people). This is what we have prepared so far on these latest claims.

The charges of contempt are based on false statements… or misunderstandings at best!


First, in reference to point # 10. (Pertaining to easement and property line locations).


We noticed the Kellar “house lot” property has been re-surveyed and the boundaries on Lot E bordering our land are now clearly marked… but at the same time, it appears the northeast corner of our original boundary line was once again removed. The original survey stake showing this corner has been missing since before the property was purchased by the Kellars in the spring of 2006… I think it was removed by a survey worker dealing with Donna Kellar (Loren Vren) in June of 2004, or possibly by the new owner of Lot 70 (Scott Anderson) in July of that same year. I know for sure it had been there in years past, and had been located again when this property was accurately surveyed in the early nineties. That in fact had to be before it was sold by the City of Deadwood, I was under the impression that this first missing stake was the NE boundary of our land since it was originally deed as Probate 439! That location had been known


There is a great deal of "legal boundary" information in the first half of this document. This a an easy "stall" for all lawyers involved... Years ago I witnessed a top quality survey crew struggle as they tried to decide where to place this hillside corner while using corrected measurements. (Mostly because the cemetery border is wrong and common sense places it where the contour of the land still allows room for a roadway to exist. Therefore allowing everyone safe passage to the entire area beyond).

A great deal of support wall money would need to be spent in this location before it could be safely traveled during most winter months... or for that matter, even after a summertime shower! It is also not nice to run the road grader blade so close to the cemetery that the foot bones of that lady appear out of the embankment again. I actually have pictures and video of that too. That was back in the mid nineties... and about the same time I began to have trouble with those loyal to the City of Deadwood. (Imagine that)!

A great deal of the "legal work" and other information related to roadways, easements, access, and boundary disputes have no bearing on the true issues at the time. (Other than their final goal of making sure I was blocked from entering my property).

Any other boasting or complaining in the next half of this letter regarding how valuable me and my family had been to this community in the past also has no bearing on who should own or occupy this land in the future.

The main issue then, and should have remained until now... is the wrongdoing of Donna Kellar and those who joined with her in such evil deeds!

(I always placed that information at the end of almost any letter to any person at any time, from 2006 on to the present)...


                                                                                                                                                                           One must understand the mindset of many people now working for Donna at times

in the casino industry… They quickly get adjusted to making over a thousand a week and then get fired, losing everything on time payments within weeks afterwards! (This can even happen to careful people in less than a few months… And the way this couple has bought and sold casinos over the years that adds up to lots of people losing lots of jobs). And lots of nasty stories coming out of too many totally destroyed minds… In my entire life I have never heard of any woman having such a negative effect on so many “seasoned people” in such a short period of time as these last three years!

I was aware of what appeared to be far too many underhanded/backroom offerings of large sums of historic money going into the hands of a privileged few… who it seems did not get their share when others got rich after legalized gambling caused the bonanza of the early nineties! (Many say that is normal and one must just get over it or they can just stay mad for as long as they want). I was also aware of a number of our youth being caught up in the extra drug traffic and the large amount of various kinds of drugs available, mostly due to the new “easy money” coming to town. I was also confronted with a number of stories about the extra deviant sexual behavior practiced by many throughout this time… (Partly left over from the loss of prostitution, or sometimes spill-over from the Sturgis “biker mentality” chasing this new kind of fun).


By my count there were five times hard drugs became a problem in the first twelve "gaming" years before Donna arrived... And I only took the lead in stopping two of them! Billy Charles was embedded solid with "local" roots and had the best defense possible. (His brother Jim was the equivalent of our "local Private Investigator" or whatever). At first I did not think I could ever stop him... but I did get him fired from the best selling location in that hard liquor bar. It took Mick Hess rolling over on Luke and Danny before the last of that coke dried up. I tried to stay out of it, but the amount of money being wasted reached a level that both Bill Walsh and Mike O'Connell forced me to run my mouth until the problem was solved. (I had nothing to do with Danny going to jail though... Jerry just told people that because his brother was more important than I was to this community). I bought the wrecked pickup from Jim Charles when he was desperate to leave town (and nobody would help him anymore) so that "squared" me for that one! Rocky Fink started all the girls on coke at Gold Dust next... (His wife carried on for a while after I got him run out of town). That actually happened because one of my cement crew had a wife "cocktailing" for Rocky. He approached me one evening in tears, with two small children in the backseat. He said he had just dropped off his wife and she was so unstable she had to carry her high heels as she left the car. (He explained how she would by now be giving Rocky his blow job for that first "fix" so she could balance a tray of drinks while rushing through the crowds). She was skinny and very pretty at this time. She had always made ten times what he did working for me each year, even when she was pregnant. But lately he explained every night she came home with less tip money and more coke to "handle life" until her next shift started... He was also worried she would run her hose if she stumbled and he knew she did not have another pair. I had known these two before they even knew each other. They were both great people and good workers. (Timber liked to drink too much at times, but he gave that up for those children. However, his wife went down to the 10 for her coke after Rocky was gone and before long Timber went to jail... the kids were then "taken" away). It was not the only couple that this had happen to either! But after Timber I vowed to never again get involved with anything related to any girl hooked on cocaine. I always remembered a happier time spent once on Thanksgiving Day. (She was pregnant with the second one and it was our final "outing" to celebrate a good concrete year. He had his own crew most of that summer and also did some "wood' construction for me. After the meal my wife went to work and I sat down for a long visit with them about the effects of gaming money on their lives to date. In time the cocaine use was brought up and he told me she did not do it anymore... (never again, the kids and all) everyone knows how that story goes! She was silent for a while and our conversation had shifted to some naughty talk about him helping me shoot those topless girls dancing on main street during the rally. All of a sudden she spoke up as if to defend her prior use of this drug. She said cocaine to a woman is like a man finding out what sex with a woman is like... once he has had it, even once! He wants it again for the rest of his life. As often as he CAN get it, no matter what. There are no other rules. Nothing else matters more than reaching that level again... all the way up to the day that it kills him! (She may have been right about this... maybe not for every man, but for too many).

Not to long ago another girl explained to me the difference between coke and meth after I told her that story. (She said "yes, that is correct... he wants that sex, but he can still live without it just fine. Especially if there are no girls around him to tease the wrong head. But using meth is like drowning in a very large lake. You may think you can tread water or float for a while. But in due time you WILL drown. Only a few of the strongest have a chance to survive long enough to get back on solid ground. And if they do, when they do... they must never go near the water again, although too many do!

I had long ago decided dealing with weaker people involved in this vice were beyond help by anyone not professionally trained in such things. It was much easier to concentrate my efforts on stopping some of the "historical" money from being wasted on those who did not deserve any more "free" money...


The wasted historic money talk came mostly from hard labor crews and the rest of the information came from those who worked the “swing shifts” in the dark of night! My involvement in the hard labor gossip was due to my maintenance work… and the people I hired who were let go from other crews! (Much of it was simply “hateful” talk and a way of getting even… but after many years I noticed several patterns developed, mostly centering around those getting the big contracts for the larger rock walls). A local favorite son, named “Marvin the Snake” might be the best example… but it would be bad manners to speak ill of the dead and many thought the world of him anyway, so I will say no more on that subject! Although it was his business that Donna went deep into right away… and every single person working for him (that crossed her) had very wicked stories to tell as soon as they were no longer under her control… (Without exception these stories can be set to a pattern of strange behavior, even to the most innocent minded observer)… The nicest little old lady will even tell you of many times when Donna would appear at their worksite in the heat of the day with large quantities of strong drink for the crew. All work would stop for a while… some drunken “muscle work” would then resume for a short time, (followed by an orgy at the place of her choosing by dark)! I was not surprised when Steve and Lisa got into this mix either… it appears they offered up the best cocaine to the party! Now add an endless supply of easy money and you got a real problem… 


I was for a time misdirected on some of the information about the "tremble Steve" rock business and how it figured into Donna and her drug business. Randal even had other people telling me it was the daughter of Lisa bringing the best cocaine back from her bartending college. (That was true... but only a small amount compared to the volume Donna and Ken were delivering in those hummers). I think it was because I was getting too close to the truth while following the gossip about those antique diamond wedding rings that did not have the laser coding etched into them. (The largest of those stones were missing out of far too many wedding rings belonging to the old ladies in retirement homes owned by the Kellar Foundation! Some of them actually appeared in a local pawn shop, although our enhancement of pictures used to compare these stones would be worthless in court. My trips to Florida were a waste of time too, I could not help any of them in the end)! The discussion about mixing these stones with uncut blood diamonds in New York and trading those bags for cocaine from Chile may have also been closer to what was happening as well. (Although my trips to New York and the use of the Mandal Lawyers was a waste of time and resources... just as "calling in that marker" with John Gotti's group "netted" us nothing but unusable information). Also, I think Randal was more interested in the continued practice of wicked sex with Lisa, than any affair with her daughter or their drug running for Donna. It was difficult sorting out what "hateful talk" was how true and in which direction from each person involved. It became even more difficult when they began to use professional advice as this "land grab" conspiracy evolved... and combined with some kind of protection racket for the old perverts screwing those young girls.


I thought if she was watched carefully her foolish behavior would shorten her time here, and we could all come up for air. I did not know the “hold” this never-ending money supply would have on the local people… However, I did not figure in a recession either!

Also, at first I did not know the extent of her local involvement with public officials and business owners within the last four years. (We were at that time extra busy with the birth of five new grandchildren, a number of family weddings… and helping with a few close to us get over several serious injuries and illness).


Although my father had survived his broken back and the internal injuries after his backhoe wreck he never forgave me for not minding him and giving up on this land... Our relationship had ended even before I tried to get his family to use their influence with the Catholic church to get rid of Donna and her evil ways. (I even when directly to Bishop Charles in Philly with what I thought was convincing video. This video was never even seen by him... his "aids" determined it was not a problem he needed to be bothered with right then. If I had been able to talk with him in person he may have helped me deal with it in some way. We had at one time been fairly close and he knew of my problems dealing with the evils of this town. (We had once spent several hours discussing it in great detail). He had at that time challenged me to be extra diligent on the side of good when our youth were involved... However, he was now more important in the church and was dealing with that problem about those "priest abused" altar boys at the same time!


I also started a new career as “Number 1 Bad Guy” on the streets, gave up the Catholic Church… and changed my status to more of a “Badlands Area of town” type of entertainer. At this same time Donna was getting many people fired and starting even more trouble… while buying out this same “bad” part of town!

This new “corrupted” attitude took me a while to get perfected, but I got along fine in Deadwood… Although it was completely misunderstood in New York City… and caused a few misquoted statements with Mitch and Donna, I was later told!

See Illustration #12, (My “out of place” group was surrounded by cops the moment we approached the federal reserve). And… after Donna found out the “bad mouth” on main street owned the land surrounding her, she started blocking all my access to that area!

(At times, both before and after Mitch or Donna began to block access and harass any visitors to our land there were a few attempts to make offers through third parties. But all friendly jesters from the police or any public officials stopped as soon as she purchased that house! (My work on our daughter’s old “fix-it” house started late that same spring and continued throughout the summer). I did not attempt to go to this land at any time, once she began the troubling talk. Earlier that spring, before any threatening by Donna… we noticed anything we placed at this land was normally stolen within a few days!


At the time this letter was prepared we had just been through a "day in court" where one of Donna's lawyers had prepared a number of copies of large text and full page illustrations that resembled some year long attempt on a term paper or something... I was even supplied with my own notebook containing these pictures and drawings! It looked like the work of about a fifth grader... and this young lawyer (Spearfish Law firm, Dylan I think was his name) had the look of about a pimple-faced fifth grader too. At the end that lawyer had request an exuberant amount of money be paid to his firm for this overdone worksheet showing her roadway and property as well as any damage done to it by our heavy equipment. I wanted to "counter" it with a notebook of my own. My lawyer talked me out of it and made me remain on the subject... something that was often the main problem with my "rant" about these wicked people and their damage to me! However the letter was "trimmed" to stay on the subject addressed, the damage to them! It even included damage done by the city when they removed everything I owned. It also included the tracks left in the mud as the men with the Pennington County Sheriff Department recovered my remaining equipment! It also showed the location on the south corner of her house lot where I had used the bucket of my large diesel powered backhoe to scrape on the side of the hill to the point it had almost reach their property and would now require at least a one hundred thousand support wall to save her deck! We even used their picture later in our treasure hunt map...


One final point that must be made… the last court paper ordered us to replace some kind of “support wall” or something pertaining to dirt work done by our backhoe recently below her shack? (The lawyer states we are to replace it or they will place some kind of wall and we will be charged).

This information once again ties their efforts back to the rock wall people… and must be another attempt to cause us some kind of trouble if we do anything to improve this land! (We have moved everything possible away from the area and have not returned).

Any roadway cleaning done before this was standard maintenance, typically done every five years since we purchased this property. (In 1996 a small bulldozer did it, later we rented a track excavator to do it… this time we used the equipment now purchased by my father)… It has been discussed many times in the past by various people with the city without any trouble! Nobody said anything was wrong until the lawyer hired by Donna started all these lawsuits against us this summer.


This part of the events that were happening that summer has something else worth concentrating on at this time now that the truth is known. you will find in another web page a detailed explanation of the "day it all came to an end" for our work on this hillside roadway. (Put yourself in their place for a moment and imagine how you would be feeling and what you would be thinking). It is a very hot day just past high noon on a south-facing hillside in the hot sun. Mitch is in the house severely cutting the coke for those worthless overpaid rock workers that Steve and Lisa have the final say over. The workers are outside moving dirt and gravel by hand because their tiny skid steer was broke down. Lisa has gone for parts and Steve is standing way down on my property (hidden in the trees) watching me dig out the bank clear above the cab... with the bucket of the backhoe reaching as far up as possible on the hill. Randal is just below me with our much larger skid steer (continuing to widen the roadway below me). EVERYBODY THERE KNOWS SOMETHING I DO NOT KNOW! At the edge of their property is almost fifty pounds of uncut pure cocaine buried just below the deck in what looks like a new flower bed. It is said to be about five or six feet down... but the edge of the flower bed has already began to slide towards my backhoe! (They do not know exactly where the boundary is, but I do... and I am getting very close to it when Randal stopped me). If you use the FBI formula for "street value" of 50% cut product sold at full market price by the standard one hundred dollar fix that would be roughly five million dollars worth of coke getting ready to give me a bath! What would you do... I know what I did. (I took Randal back to change into a fresh pair of depends, something that happened more often than I needed it to. Little did I know it was not the steep slope that caused his "accident" on this day!


It is obvious they will continue any and all types of harassment possible until we do something to fight back… Although we do not have any money to pay lawyers and they have an unlimited supply of money… to buy influence, lawyers, and other forms of support! (They have however; crossed over the line, attempting to remove damaging evidence against them on several computers… with the proper help we can now proceed)!

After Mitch is arrested, he will be bailed out quickly, whatever the cost… and probably leave the area. After Randal is arrested he will attempt to appear crazy, if that does not work he will give anyone who will listen a great deal of information… some of it leading to other arrests! They will all roll over on each other and the house of cards will collapse! (It is possible Deadwood will get a break from bad behavior, for at least a short while)…

But the point of no return is coming up for us shortly too!

(Please return this copy… I do not have enough ink left to make more than one printing).


compassion... There is no compassion left for anyone. In fact there is very little money or drugs left now either. (Both "booms" in the oilfields and coal mining have ended). Now there is only crime. And that is only going to get worse as more desperate people come through this area!

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