The beginning of the end

You may never know how things will end until it has come to the ending for you... (Then you watch from "beyond" if possible)?

It could maybe also be that you then "pay" for all the wrong that was caused by what you did... or did not do. Who knows for sure?

To this day I remain hopeful that my spirit will somehow be able to see how this ordeal plays out for all those who were involved...

Maybe some will even be able to see how much damage was caused by others, who did selfish things for money, glory or personal gain!

If that is the case I would not want to be in the shoes of the ignorant sheriff who used his badge in such a devious manner.

Or for that matter... others who directly or indirectly caused many of the needless deaths connected to this event.

This "war on drugs" already had too many victims... some of which could have still been considered children... or maybe child-like in manner anyway!

But for someone with a badge to misuse such information, make up other drug stories, spread rumors and start foolish gossip! (Just to create drama)?

For one who "lives by the law" to steal personal items, erase evidence, lie and deceive... Then attempt to get others involved in the burning of my house?

And for what reason? If I understood Jesus correctly. There will be no mercy for such a man... it would have been better that he had never been born!

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Some may argue... we did some wicked things too! This is true, but it is not a good argument with purpose! We were up against very wicked people and had already witnessed too many very wicked deeds to some innocent, if not naive young girls. (We later found out over three dozen girls under the age of 18 had been ruined for life, not to mention those already missing or dead. The lives of a number of boys and a few men had also been destroyed by this drug business at that time). We were starting to get some results and they were attempting to move their drug people out of Deadwood when we left for the "safe house" in Nebraska! If we had remained there until summer as planned the people still on our side in the Blackhills could have completed their part of the plan. It is possible all death and destruction from that moment would have stopped, at least in our area anyway. Instead they saw us running scared and our people beginning to scatter. Instead of moving out they increased the drug traffic to the coal and oil fields, doubled up on the girls... and invited even more old men to the party! (In fact, the damage was indescribable and soon involved far more people than we will ever know... to the point of no return for many using the hard drugs)!

I am sorry to say this... but I am going to place the blame for some of those deaths on the people of Hayes County, Nebraska! What will happen after this web page appears will be up to them. (Click on crime link video for information about what I now feel obligated to do)!

You may have noticed in the first part of this video there was some "semblance of normalcy" in the words and expressions used by all three of us at times... You will also notice, after our return from the last possible safe area... when some "snitch" was "snuffed" for turning on them, we showed no remorse or sad feelings. At times we were now hardened to the point we showed no true emotion at all... just happy it was not us who had been killed yet. We lived each day one day at a time most of that entire summer. I tried not to get either of them too depressed that they were now in so deep there was no chance for a good ending. From this point on we tried not to involve any people who were not as close to death as we were! (But at times that was not possible. We had also run out of Ski for Light participants as well)! And some of the others did not realize the serious nature involving many of those who normally could be trusted. Mistakes were made. At times I even began to "play down" the dangers involved or the lack of trust that had seen us through to that point. After that some people disappeared for no reason other than asking the wrong question or talking to the wrong person. For a long time we did not know how many people in high places had their career on the line. We did not know how many in law enforcement were playing both sides either. We did not know about the other casino owners or cartel connections. We also did not know it was a billion dollar business at stake! Randal had been gone almost two years. He only knew of a small part of what was really happening after he returned from DOC. (And most of the following year he "played" me like he "played" them... never understanding how serious they were about getting things working to their satisfaction). The new year brought Heidi. Then the Ski for Light week. Then the "pot4prono" plan developed and it was game on! (For the first time I had all that was needed to keep Randal away from that evil long enough to get more of the truth out of him, while remaining relatively stable on the pot and safely hidden away with Heidi). I do not disagree that the sexy video and the use of marijuana in states where it was illegal was wrong from the beginning! However that part of it should not be "taken out of context" as they say. (His past life involved the use of several much stronger and more dangerous drugs while in the care of questionable people with Behavior Management... some of which were also having sex with him at times. His past days of drug running and sampling the opium, cocaine, heroin, LSD, Ecstasy, and mushrooms had not done him any favors either. I never did find out what kind of powder they pumped up his butt when he was used for the sex while very young... Although it really did not matter now that he was relaxed, stable, and finally under control)! The manner or treatment of Heidi may have appeared cruel to many as well... But you do not know the entire story there either! (She had already been arrested a number of times that fall and winter. She had also been used and abused by lesbians, pimps, drug dealers, and a few old cowboys. She was about at the end of her rope too... She had also just failed in her attempt to care for someone in a wheelchair for the safety it had provided). Randal not only provided her with safe haven... I think her story of a lifetime without a real sexual climax was also true. (Not exactly a match made in heaven... more like two butts bumping into each other in some back ally in Deadwood). Even my involvement in all of this was almost like a "setup" it seemed. (My "old west character" had been moved from the "top of main" high class district down to the "badlands district" on lower main just the year before). This was in fact where the Kellar Foundation had already set up their headquarters. They already owned most of the casinos in this district and were taking over the rest. They made a play for me and two of my kids. When drugs did not work they tried to bribe us! It was actually after that when we found out they were also causing all that trouble up at my land. (This was the winter Randal flooded the high school with all the good drugs from Donna and the gang. That was when they went after our friends for showing support for us. They even bribed the Nuns, the daycare in the old Catholic School, and donated many thousands to the local church we had been supporting for the last thirty years. When I argued with the nuns they surprised me with the comment "we must choose not to believe that" when I warned them who they were dealing with! This money worked well. And it was not in cash either. There was not a trace of cocaine or the blood of virgins on any of those checks! The Kellar family was totally legitimate in every way... OK! At least Pam was now relieved of the weekly church cleaning duty we had done for free since the early eighties. She had fewer, and more distant friends it seemed too?

Then my death threats started and we had to go hide out in the cold. If it had not been for the sex Randal would have left by then for sure!

(There was that ten day stretch in early February... when it never got above zero and the wind chill was around twenty below for days. All three of us were in that little camper out in Scott's trees. We had no bathroom and very little food. We almost gave up the cause! It was the heat and humidity from their sex that sealed up all the cracks in the wrecked camper and made it bearable). Scott later brought us food and encouraged us to continue. He was also still worked with those in the Pennington County Sheriff Department who advised us what was needing to happen before we attempted to involve others. The plan to go to my old homestead was set for later on... It was the "attempt" on my life that moved that up before we were prepared. (That was all a mistake, we could have done without that chainsaw. And that ignorant county sheriff helped everything to get stolen anyway). I will also never forget the statement made by those "arresting" Randal after Heidi got drunk and ran away. We just "left that poor boy to die in the cold" they said... (Daytime temperature was in the fifties down in southern Nebraska by then... He had a coat, he just did not need it when they picked him up out on that road... And he had ALSO been told by both of us to stay out of site until we returned)! Eric had already found out the so called "attempt" on my life had nothing to do with the Kellar Cartel or any enemy of ours. We planned to return as soon as we figured out what happened to the girl with the limo. In fact she had already found the highway and made her way back to my family farm once... but she did not see the brother I told her she could trust to get her to safety. She had found the highway again and might have found my brother the next time... (For sure she would have waited in the trees for a while longer. Maybe he would have appeared in time to call me and take her back to Randal. I do not know if that calf would have survived... so maybe that part turned out for the best)?

One thing I know for sure... At the time we left the homestead there was enough hard evidence to convict Donna and most of her gang of major felonies. They would have been out of business even if they were somehow able to get out of it, or simply got away. All people on my side said the so called "homerun" video of the pretend rape of Randal was the "clincher" we needed for prime exposure on the web. If things had not gotten so complicated with all those other "old perverts" in the mix, many lives would have been spared...

We will see...

If not, maybe we will see "from the other side" if that is possible?

Hayes County crime  (It will even work on older phones and slow connections About my involvement with an ignorant group of people when I was young).

Dangerous crime video (The crime that will keep on killing until you fix it)!