What was she thinking?

At the time all this drug problem using underage girls as bait was discovered Heidi had just been separated from her daughters in Utah. (I do not know the details, but sometimes she would admit it may have been "for the best" for them anyway). I do know she missed them terribly, but knew she could no longer properly raise them all alone. (Nobody else wanted to help her do it either). I think this was the main driving force behind video "takes" such as this one. Although it is degrading to use any woman in this manner you can see the determination in her eyes as she acted it out just as it was scripted. There was no enjoyment for Heidi here... she called it simply an act of pleasure for men to dream about. I do not know why Randal did not "perform" as planned, but I don't think it was her fault.

Earlier that morning we had been involved in a group discussion about the abuse of those young Deadwood girls. This was when she first told me her oldest was 13 and something must be done. Although we all agreed it was mostly a powerful woman that controlled those girls... it was the men who wanted this kind of sex and they were considered to be the root of the problem and the target to solving this issue! It was also decided that it was going to require some exposure to social media through the Internet. Heidi thought by handing out business cards to all "rough & tough" looking bikers at the next Sturgis Bike Rally! I am sorry to say I do not have any video of her walking around naked in a campground while handing out "my space" cards to powerful men to resolve a problem. (Not that she did not want to do it... I just did not know how safe her "space" would be while taking such a chance with men who were so far from home). REMEMBER, Facebook had not been introduced yet and Utube had too many rules against such things. (I later told her about using our own GoDaddy domains and even called for a price... but it was out of reach at that time). Those who knew about such things had already told us we would need to reach out to about a thousand men if we wanted at least ten of them with balls enough to actually do something... Heidi said she needed more like a hundred "real men" and it was at that moment in the discussion that Heidi said something I still think about to this day. (She stated all normal men have one major weakness that does not plague women... and it is hanging between their legs) She said only women have what it takes to put that area to rest... so the man can think straight and get things done! She said it was as simple as that. "You can tease and promise all you want, but if you really want to get things done you got to go out and suck some dick" was the quote that started it all! My plan was to find a few strange costumes and the right setting... and of course, a headless dick that needed sucked. (The manual said for the typical male imagination to work effectively she had to swallow a fat dick, then bite his belly button for pushing so hard on the back of her head). Then she had to quickly put it in and get between 14 and 18 seconds of strong strokes in two different positions... I will never forget her comment. Oh, is that all.

Of course Randal couldn't wait to shoot this video and we were both shocked when he could not even get hard when the time came. I thought we would get lots of response from the men out there watching. Instead I think we just made some of the women angry...


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NOTE: Now ten years later, I realize men do enjoy thinking about girls doing this kind of thing, they just don't want to tell everyone by responding to what they just saw...

It would be much better to show Heidi being pleased by having a good climax while relaxed. (I did in fact tell him just that right after this video was reviewed).

See the "flip side" of this sex scene here... Maybe now some of this work will receive more attention or get some reaction!