The final word

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What do I want?

Are you kidding me? This is not about what anybody wants, this is about need... not want!

(And there were hundreds of girls helping with this work, not a dozen. You have not seen the rest yet).

Thousands of local reputations will be destroyed, not hundreds... just wait until they kill me over this!

You ask "what did you want" and I replied it is what we need, not what we want... but you do not understand, and I am not surprised.

It is your "way of life" that has always been about what you wanted (extra), not what you needed... (that was already provided for you).

You may think I do not understand your "way of life" but I do... I actually lived like that once too. And I also watched what it was doing to my children! I had to remove them from that way of life before it destroyed all of us. That was almost fifty years ago... I am still not sorry I did it either! (Although there were a few times I wished for their sake I had taken the "easy path" instead). But now, at the end... I know it was not only the best way, it was the only way (to ensure that my life, and the lives of my children would stand forever on the side of good, not evil)!

You say "I foolishly EXPOSED the bodies of all those girls" needlessly and in wicked ways! Let me assure you, the bodies of those girls had already been exposed. And sometimes in very perverted ways! Many had been raped more than once by men more wicked than you can imagine. What they did on my web site was by their direction, not yours. They did it willingly and were hoping it could help! (Not really help them, but maybe it could help others). We found out you must fight fire with fire when all else fails!

When people are as wicked as they have become (in the Deadwood of this day) you must go down to their level to get any attention or get any results. There is nothing on this web site that cannot be found everywhere you look. (Although some do not want to deal with it... very few are not affected by it in due time). Wicked people are everywhere... they are just a little more concentrated here, it was as good a place as any to start! (There were several chances to stop it before it went public too... people just decided to ignore it, in hopes it would go away).

Once I said "just give me back what I had before all this started and promise me you will protect those girls from now on" and I will take down all web pages by your direction...

You said "that is not possible, what is done is done... but we can leave you alone from now on! If not, you may be dead some day" (because of this foolishness).

My reply was the same as many others who have been hurt... You cannot kill me, I am already dead.

NOTE: Save this web page in your favorite browser and watch the list get longer. (After I am gone it will take you over two thousand hours to watch and read everything just once).


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