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What will happen next?

What about my family?


Whatever is left of my family will continue doing the best they can, without help from others. (Some of them may even save their home without any help). I will be silent... after I am dead anyway! (Actually, as soon as my "fitbit" reports my death a large number of new pages will appear... I have a few loyal friends who have quietly helped me with this "save the girls" project for many years now and Donna Kellar's friends will never get them all).

     I don't know what I was I thinking when I told Jim Charles (second in command with the cops) that brother Billy should not be the main coke supplier in town and he should not be covering for him. Why did I warn several mayors and other very rich and important local men about the "wrath of god" or bad karma from their dirty deeds. Now our support walls would fail... and so would we! (I tried several other angles and even tried to play their game for a few years). Nothing I said or did made any difference, not even with the new priest at Mass, or using my wife at work, or the kids and their friends from school. It is all about the money you see! And Deadwood has enough for others. But not enough for us... Not then anyway. (I finally had to turn to my father and brothers).

     I got my own equipment and hired Randal. (Actually I hired over 20 people the next few years, Randal was just the strongest... and I went to great lengths to keep him too). He was in fact also working in the coke business before that and gave me many of the leads I have at this time. His life is over for telling about it and he knows he can never go back now... (For that matter neither can anyone who is named). Randal told me he gave up his dad and one close friend. (All the others were just worthless "druggies" who have simply disappeared over the years...  There is also the hundred or so "enemies" he or someone else have named... they are the ones we worry about now).

     I gave up more than that... four children and a fine woman who loved me for over forty years! I must also try to forget many wonderful grandchildren! Even my parents or other family will never want to see me again now! What was I thinking... (Actually I had no control over anything once it all started). I ducked and ran every time I could. The "deck was stacked" and I "got a bad hand" from the beginning... all I can do now is play it out. You can fold if you want at any time... but I am "all in" on this one! Read on if you care... but know this. It gets real bloody and muddy down in the trenches! Some of the sex turns from naughty to nasty too. (We used explicit sex to attract attention to some pages... it is the only thing that was generating enough interest to get the kind of reaction we needed). The explanation of some of the wickedness goes beyond belief too... But so do the facts surrounding what was done to those girls!

When we started this we thought we were going to tell it like "making up a story" about wicked times in Deadwood... We were going to blend it with a true story about the life of a poor girl named Heidi who found true love late in life. (After we had generated lots of interest and had reached enough of the right people Heidi was going to tell the "whole truth" and explain that the "story" about Deadwood was actually the true one). This was of course back closer to the beginning, when we thought we only had a few wayward girls and a foolish mean old woman... who was desperately trying to hold onto her youth while building up a nest egg for retirement. At the very beginning Randal was only working for Donna and the gang as a local stunt-cock/drug runner during the winters and working "construction" for me and others during the summers. We placed some of the evidence into some video work so badly embedded online that it took real patience and determination to even get it to play! (My sites the following year received some of the worst ratings ever... And in 1997 one of those same domains ranked in the top 10, and another was seventh for hits in the entire world). All hits were tracked this entire time as well... and at the end only the bad people working for Lawrence County were still refreshing the pages for more information.

This started long ago actually, read other pages for full details. (During the two years Randal was sent out of town he was suppose to get "clean" of his drugs? Or maybe they did that just to give the ladies a rest... But when he got back he had just turned 18, and nobody could go to jail for statutory rape with his big dick anymore! After that he tried to work for both sides of a very serious business and people began to disappear).

Now we will see even more people disappearing. I just wonder how many of them will sell THEIR house to the Kellar Klan?

Here are the first links to this information... CAUTION: X-Rated

Sex in Deadwood starts at 13... Especially if you are a pretty girl hooked on cocaine!

What happens when you pump a big dick full of coke and turn him loose on virgins!

 Home page here (goes back to the "no law" main page)!

An index of some crimes committed (that continue unpunished to date)!

Soon you will no longer see links at the bottom of pages... It is time to get to a computer and stop trying to get this information into a phone. (It might be best to use Firefox or Opera too). And save the video you want on a thumb drive before the "big money" starts scrambling things. We are about to enter a different phase and go national. It could get ugly!