The foolish crime of arson is more serious than you think!

A cop named Tom thinks he wears the badge... so he makes the rules! (Reminds me of some of the Montana Freeman or maybe a few hotshots from Texas!

The video below will not play until you click on it... (different copies can be found at this crime scene video on my web site, or with those higher up).

The tire tracks, footprints and other evidence collected will be used at a later time too... There is no hurry (not on this nonsense) but there is something else to worry about far more important! (Missing chainsaws or generators, foolish lies about drug labs and disrespect for property or somebody's name can be addressed in good time). But it is not worth your time or mine to bother with it while people are dying!

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It is easy these days to do a test for the "last six to ten years" of all drug use with only a few "curly hairs" removed from the pubic area. (If Tom will not allow such a thing he might be allowed to resign, that will be decided by others). I however, know I have been repeatedly tested and found to be "drug free" since the mid eighties. The only thing that has ever shown up on my VA testing was a little "pot" from the "lost war" years. This new "war on drugs" is much more serious and most people know it. I do not know why people were trying to connect us to some "meth lab" operation, maybe they just wanted more excitement. Right then our lives were very complicated and already in serious danger for exposing a major cocaine business involving many people and a great deal of money. Someday you will read about all the other lives of young girls who were destroyed after February 18th of 2010... Someday you will also see the list of all who died after that date! (Most of them would have been saved, if not for a bit of foolishness and stupidity caused by those involved in a very backward area down in Hayes County Nebraska). As they say "God only knows" what I did to deserve such treatment. Maybe I should have corrected that story the hateful people started on me long ago...

Some can remember when gossip told of that poor boy belonging to John L... who came back from the war all messed up and went crazy at the courthouse...

You might recall, I sure do... back in '82! (Remember, I had that house they burned on the big square lot a block from the highway). That's where Stan McKnight found that pot and the stolen chemicals)... Surly you remember SCARY LARRY! Lena told everybody all about it. She knew him real well, and he almost married her daughter! That poor girl... wonder if his chemicals caused that cancer in her boobs? You think that kind of talk is real sick, right... I will tell you who is sick. People who were still talking like that 30 years later in public! (After I sent in a spy to get caught up on the "latest" as they say)! At the time I tried to explain to him that in this area it does not matter what is right, true, or correct... it only matters what the people are saying. If they have decided they do not want you around anymore there is almost no limit to the lies or exaggerated stories they will tell about you once you are gone. Part of the problem is the lack of excitement in their lives, or maybe the naive ignorance of a more boring lifestyle they are so accustom to living.

Maybe those were the same people who elected Hugo Moore, Muriel McNutt and a half-wit road grader named "Buddy" Clark as County Commissioners years before... And Elmer Cox 20 years before that! (He was the one who turned my grandfather in to the IRS in 1962 just to get the 10% check for doing it? NO... actually it was more due to the resentment some had for the Sullivan family before that. Maybe for driving their kids up to the county line to meet that school bus from the Wallace school district... You know, the one with the brand new school. (That is not really true either... maybe it was the oil wells! HOW IS IT THAT ED AND HIS SISTER HAD THE ONLY OIL IN THE ENTIRE AREA? As if we had any control over that? Ed told me about hard feelings from a time just before the great depression when he sold too many people some of that "new fangled" equipment you did not need a horse to pull through the field. His company allowed you to "finance it" until a good crop came in too. (He explained even those who voluntarily brought back the equipment, as well as those he had to use the sheriff to remove it to the location where it was sold again at auction... You know, the one held each year at our farm)! There may have been other reasons that go way back... but you get the message, it has to do with greed, envy, pride and whatever! It is the kind of resentment that passes from one generation to the next... Mostly due to some backward ways and their inability to deal with change. My friend who was a cop in Vegas said it best... he stated they reminded him of "ignant people on govment cheese" as he put it). This backward "coop" community still has resentment to this day. I could not overcome it in all the years growing up with Donna Nickerson as my only girlfriend either, and it was the main reason I could not marry her! I could not overcome it during those years as the County Weed Control Superintendent either, but I tried very hard clear to the end. (A wicked end at that... after all my efforts to be a good "weed sprayer" for the taxpayers of Hayes County).

It is one thing to degrade rich and cocky people with entertaining gossip... but to burn down a house?

This so called "more serious" crime video page explains the details about what actually happened back in Hayes County years ago. (Rated PG for bad talk).

I have seldom told very many stories of "the way it was' back in that part of the country... Mostly because some people cannot believe anyone could ever be "that backward" they often think. That is actually not true either, and could be thought of as ignorant of a "modern" person to even think that way. It is not backward, it is just different. Also, it is almost like taking something "out of context" you might say! People live a different way when they are totally dependant upon themselves to get by in life. When there is very little contact with those outside their "piece of ground" in that neck of the woods! When it is only the family who will judge... or even know. I think the most important story I ever passed on was the one about "that poor Henry"... The story is true, although you must be careful who you tell, less they call you crazy! It happened in the Northeast corner of Hayes County during the depression. The family did not have any of that "new fangled equipment" for pickin' corn, they still did it all by hand. It was very cold early one morning at harvest time and the horses were already hitched to the wagon and rarin' to go. There were eight kids and grandma trying to get loaded up for the field. The woman who told me this story said she was quite young at the time... but remembered well the old broken rocker that was tied backwards near the front of this old wagon she was showing me. Grandma was already in it and most of the kids were in place when the horses spooked. (The wagon only went forward a few feet before one of the older boys pulled back on the reins). But during that jolt young Henry fell from the wagon and the back wheel ran over his head. Everybody jumped down and she remembered there was lots of screaming for a short while. She described poor Henry's head by saying it was smashed like a melon! She told of the shouting by grandma too. "Get me two shovels outta the barn. Bring that old horse blanket too. You boys will have to make him a marker after the corn is in... come on, stop starin' and get a move on" was what she said right away. But poor Henry was not dead yet! She said her little sister held his hand for a while as he laid there wiggling on that hard ground. (At this time I could see a tear in one of her eyes and noticed her voice was beginning to struggle with the words. I tried to add something about how many kids of large farm families died in the "early times" or whatever). She finished by explaining how grandma was "hard" at times, but always fair. She said they had to bury Henry on the high hill with the others. That hill was just above the cornfield, way down in the far meadow. That corn was the only cash crop and many lives were depending on getting it in before the big snows came. She said all agreed nothing could be done for poor Henry, it was just an accident... and accidents happen. But there was quite a delay before Henry had passed. He was then rolled up and loaded. They did not get back until after dark that evening, and also did not even have a full load of corn cobs on the wagon. Her father had arrived with that "hind quarter of hog" he got in trade for helping the neighbor with the butchering. She told how he was still caked in blood and she noticed the contrast from the snow in the air as he came walking down the trail. She told of how grandma explained the story about Henry as he unloaded corn into the crib. The quote I remembered most was the part when she said very direct and to the point. "That poor Henry... he laid there and wiggled, but he just wouldn't die" were her exact words. (I remember long afterwards I spoke of this tragedy once more with this woman. I ask her if they got the rest of the corn in, or was it a bad year. She did not speak right away, but I was surprised by the answer... she said the next five years were all worst than that one)!

I do not tell this story, or any other... to get you to understand anything. I only tell you so you will know. If you continue to read what I have written, in time you will react. How you act is all that really matters! If you can only judge me or my people for what we have place on some pages to keep your attention, then that is on you! If you react only in negative ways then that is all you can do... but maybe that is only an ACT?

The "X" rated page  is "X" rated for video AND for text! (About what happened after we ran out of places to hide)!