Cops make the best criminals


That may not always be the case... But it is a well known fact! (Then they already know how a criminal thinks and acts. Also, they already have some inside connections)!

The below video clip was taken just as I returned to the scene of the crime... To pick up Heidi! As requested by the Hayes County Sheriff. (My only comment at the time was "you got her, you feed her, she stole my stuff and I don't want anything to do with her and neither does her boyfriend. You do what you want with her, but don't tell her where I am". I added Randal was missing right then, but he would undoubtedly say the same thing! He started in on a line of bullshit about me and Randal abusing her and how we were now responsible for getting her "to hell out of my county" along with a few other comments. I told him almost every mark on her was well documented on video... while she fought with cops or fell through broken trees while drunk. I explained she had reportedly burned herself during some kind of childish pledge and had no cuts anywhere on her body when I last saw her and I could prove it. (I left out the part about the "manic-sex" scene she had demanded I shoot over and over or all the boxing/foot fights she instigated with poor Randal). Then he started in on the pot charges I had been blamed for and I ask him where I could meet him to be arrested. (At the time I thought jail may be the safest place for me to hold up until some things got cleared up with the dangerous people). He did not fall for it and said he would get back to me, but he didn't! Soon after Pam got a call and I was ordered by my wife along with my father to go get her and take Heidi back to the Black hills... or at least out of state. This video was shot shortly before I next saw this poor abused little thing! Heidi had just been released from eight days in jail... After they wrote down that she must have recently been held while being raped... She had also been burned, cut up, and shot at! The jailor said it appeared that Heidi had been so badly abused she was unable to talk about it yet, remaining "bruised and damaged from head to toe" and still unable to talk after sleeping for 30 hours straight. This information and more added by other local people was now circulating in the same courthouse I once had my own Weed Control Superintendant Office... right inside the front door on the ground floor. (The following year I found out about some of this when I took this ugly limo to the 10th annual Camp Hayes Rendezvous my web pages had helped to make so famous only a few years before... They were so afraid I might return the "town fathers" have canceled that rendezvous until I am "for sure" documented to be dead and gone forever)!


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Someone could build an entire web site about what people thought had already happened to her before the cops found that limo and saved her from those wicked men who must have hurt her so badly! You must understand, this is a remote area with a total population of only a few thousand "nosey" people who normally have very boring lives. Many of them will never travel outside of Hayes County on the only highway, and can see no reason for taking such a chance! I remember living that kind of a life and it was a jaw-dropping event the day I went to the big city in the next county and saw my first stop light and a black person all in the same day! (I did a book report on it in history class and got in big trouble... for reporting the National Geographic magazine in our library was wrong... not all black girls were topless)! This was a very close community of determined people and they looked out for each other too. The old sayings "it takes a whole village to raise a child" is also true. Some of those nice old ladies were heart broken when Little Larry let'em down!

The funniest story told about this girl was the "moment of arrest" on that highway. It was after the talk had "heated up" at the local coffee shop... to the point they had to call in extra help and send out for more donuts. They had run out of parking at the Coop gas station too! The hunt was on for this ugly "mostly black" stretch Limo. Any who had seen it the day before were famous. Backup cops had been called in from the big city. The parking lot at the "6-room" motel on the highway was overflowing across the road into the grain elevator. There had been a naked woman with a sword and a "break-in/robbery" all in the same evening. Everything was either broken or missing in room 4, there was talk of charging people to see it. There was a very expensive registered bull calf missing and dogs were barking all over the county. This was the most exciting day since that big tornado back in '74! Johnny told me the State Trouper with the smoky hat was writing on a clipboard with about two dozen people standing in a line wanting to talk. The officer was patiently listening again and again to the same description of this strange looking limo with the big box on top. He was only pretending to write by then and just trying to "do his job" in front of all these friendly taxpayers he had never met before. "rusty... ya, cords dragging behind... OK, mostly black!!!! YOU MEAN LIKE THAT ONE. As she drove slowly by, heading north on the highway. (She later told me she was confused and thought she had made it to another town, but now noticed the same motel she had stayed at before... but this time cars and people were everywhere and they were all pointing at her. She told me at first she sped up and then looked back in the mirror. She said it was a scene right out of Dukes of Hazard and she knew she was done for right then. The State Trouper found her already parked at the side of the road. When they opened her door she was just petting that calf... The owner of this critter was actually there on the highway with a few hundred other pickups! He took it directly from the scene back to its mother for some milk.



Many in Hayes County are still trying to figure out why nobody ever found the "mystery man" she spent the entire night talking to in this motel room... (The trucker in the next room gave the lawyer some interesting testimony). Heidi told me she figured that guy was all alone... and right next door! No other rooms were rents and his truck took up half of the parking lot. Heidi also said she was afraid he saw her while naked outside, and would undoubtedly call someone if the calf started bawling... She even gave the poor thing a bath once during the night, but said he would only remain quiet as long as she continued talking to him!

Any movie of that long day in Hayes County would have to be created by someone that actually works in Hollywood... But you are welcome to try if you want!

I will leave a blank space here if somebody wants to submit some work at a later time... I have never put any copyright protection on any of my work, so do with it as you will.

Tell the story however you want. But come back to the truth when she is caught... All else has been documented by the cops, and even more of it later on by me! (That final line below should be included in the story-board of your closing shot).

                                                      >As they say in the movies... Fade to black!

It got dark and she found herself back in the same town she went to before, so she got a room at the Inn... (with almost the last of our other money from my grandson's Christmas "counting jar" filled with Pam's spare coins).


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NOTE: The evidence at this final video location led us in the direction of the Ericson family, a realtor in Imperial, and "Tom-Tom"  who might be the dumbest County sheriff around. (His last words to me were "I'm gonna teach you a lesson" and my ONLY final words to him were repeated several times "I am just doing as I was told, what are you doing" as Heidi just kept repeating "we have to go" over and over)?


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