Crimes by "law enforcement" officers must be separated...

1. Those punishable by dismissal or transfer.

2. Those punishable by prison time.

3. Those punishable by death!

It may seem somewhat ridiculous to talk of these crimes in that way... OK then, how about just the crimes against God, and forget about those against Mankind.

I remember a discussion with a local snitch who worked many angles with everyone he knew... I often wondered how he did it?

(Even at the age of 14 to 16 he was already transporting backpacks of coke out of state and delivering girls as young as 13 to the Kellars for use in the sex trade)!

He was too young and foolish my ass... the drug king pins made millions off of him and he knew it too. The cops not only allowed it, they had to help out with the deed!

The following video is not for those who remain young or innocent anymore now... (This one is tame compared to others as you continue through the "crime" pages)!

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This man was only a "front" man for a very scary outfit involving many shady people who remain invisible to most Deadwood locals!

Do you want to stop boys like Randal from being paid "mixed bags of drugs" to take girls up to that hot tub at the love shack for more good sex...

(Video insert later... my family is not safe yet)!

(And after he got them high on good coke... leaving girls as young as 13 at the mercy of old men for hours of wicked sex until dawn).

Do you really think cops on Donna's payroll didn't know it happen? (19 girls and 4 boys under 15 stay out all nite for 4 years and nobody tells anyone)?

KEEP IN MIND... There are less than 100 girls in the entire high school. (Some of the girls mentioned are actually not even in high school yet).

NOTE: That was the count in 2009... 7 years later the number of felony crimes is up to 184 and counting. Many more are dead or missing!

This is about wicked crimes far worse than drug running or some casino money laundry business. Can you decide if a crime is against god or mankind?


I once helped sponsor an overnight catholic retreat at our local St. Mary's Church one weekend. It included about 50 kids between the age of 10 and 15.

Two sponsors agreed to take the "up-all-nite" shift... (myself and the chief of police... or as they said, our "town cop" at that time).

Jim was also known by other names at times, and kept to himself mostly... I had never spoken to him much at all before this long night.

(His last name was Babcock... those he had arrested often called him "blab-cock" or bad cop or other hurtful names. They were right)!

What I later remembered most about that night was how he constantly left his cot to "check on me" when I went outside for a cigarette.

(While we were on our cots he wanted to visit constantly)... When I went outside he wanted to say "all is well" and immediately leave.

I should have known he was "dirty" just by his actions... I did not know until later that he was checking for underpants in the girls room!

Shortly after this time of getting to know him better... everyone in the community found out something very bad about this perverted cop.

(It was during the "dark secrets campfire time" at the girl scout campground that his 15 year old daughter told of his sins against her).

He had in fact been raping her ever since she could remember. Other girls as well. The mother knew it too... so did her older brother!

Very little was brought up in court. The wife divorced and the girl "went away". The boy joined the Army and killed himself shortly after.

This happened at Wallace, Nebraska in 1975. I am sure the court records in North Platte will still have more information about it.

But he got out of it because this pervert was protected by his "cop family" and he continues to rape once again...

I did not know this until I saw him once more in uniform w/gun. (But this time on the force in the "big city" of North Platte, Nebraska).

I do not know what happened after that, or what is recorded either. (But hundreds of people in Wallace still tell this story the same way).

As far as I know Lincoln County Nebraska will not station a "local cop" in Wallace to this day... The people would rather be defenseless!

Another generation has grown up there now... But the girls of Wallace still do not show respect or worship to cops with guns the last I heard.

You may ask how I could have noticed something was wrong at my own local church during that night sponsoring those young kids.

(Was it the way he acted around the girls... and how some of them acted around him. The way he spoke of them... like they were toys)!

No, it was the look in his eyes... I had seen that look before. (In the eyes of 6 CID agents... they had raped and murdered a girl I knew).

I cannot offer proof of that event... only the date and location. (It happened on May 10, 1973... by the river, 16 miles south of the DMZ).

I cannot even say if all six cops raped her or name the one who killed her... They must talk to their god about who was guilty of that crime.

I was offered my life in return for no mention of that event... and I kept my word until now.

But I did learn the "look" and lived to tell her story. (It has now been 40 years, they have all suffered the consequences by this time).

I saw that look in several local cops in this area! (But until now I only helped one raped girl... and the cops tried to destroy me for doing it). 

If you believe in karma rather than god, like the CID girl did... they all paid for those crimes "times seven" or times ten by now!

If you do not believe in anything but the badge... Then keep raping. And do not follow the money, chase it.

I have been told about many other examples of bad cops using the badge and gun to get sex from girls...

Search my domains for a few I have already published...

Chief of Police in Whitewood, many times before the year 2000... "Back seat or JDC, it's your choice". That was a scary web page...

It also caused a great deal of problems for me. But it was worth it if I saved a step daughter from a lifetime of mental problems.

The big cheese in Deadwood now wants me to roll over on all the local dirty cops... And I still have 3 kids who own houses here!

(After my wife is gone and the kids are safe you will see some unbelievable video of how wicked cops can destroy many young girls).

It will do no good to kill me or destroy my computers, that will only speed the process...

25 years ago cops in Deadwood had very little to do other than put out the fire after homecoming. (The brothels had been closed for 10 years by then)!

Legal gambling was passed in 1988 and they began to earn their pay again... all 7 dollars of it! (That was before taxes, not counting donuts).

Soon, unskilled people like card dealers were making twice that per hour under the table in cash, the pretty girls were making even more!

Greed and envy kicked in within a year... most of the other "seven deadly sins" were not far behind. Drugs and divorce followed that.

The Kellar Klan was not the first major coke people to get here, but Donna was the worst, due to her involvement with the young girls.

They could have bought me out and I might have just gone to the oilfield. (They wasted twice that on lawyers to fight me instead).

Donna finally got the cops to give her a protection order against me and they took my guns... But then she left town for a while!

My land was offered on ebay for one dollar per square foot, the Kellars and other locals decided to just take it away from me instead.

There is nothing I can do now but make these problems known to people who still care out there somewhere on the internet...

I will soon replace all other web pages with easy to view clips and quick download files designed better for iphone service.

I will get millions of hits on the "smutty" videos embedded within this outrageous information.

A few people will care enough to do something about it...

Deadwood will be famous for another reason.

Stay tuned... It could get interesting.

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