Who really cares (part 3)

The video below was actually the first totally complete sex scene ever taken of Heidi. (The first two were just teasers for potpay).

It was taken only a few weeks after her sexual "awakening" involving multiple climaxes.

(That's her story anyway... and it all started out very innocent. Just a little video for those perverted paralyzed people in the wheelchairs)!

My wife and I were doing some volunteer work for a nice group of handicapped people who gather once a year from all over the nation to enjoy some fun in the snow. On "wannabe cowboy day" we were short one "fluzzy" and Randal volunteered his girlfriend! Heidi had just gave up on a job helping someone in a wheelchair and may have been feeling a bit guilty about it. Whatever the reason she really put her heart into helping these people for the rest of the week! On the final evening Heidi was "talked into" doing a naughty video for some of the people she had grown fond of while helping me entertain them up on the slopes. (Actually she was "bribed" into earning some "kick-ass government pot" for her boyfriend by a few people who have a permit for such things). We had been trying to get some good footage for hours by this time... But Randal's dick was not really on the job, mostly due to too much "sampling" of the goods! Everyone had more than enough fun just watching her "tease him up" and had gone to bed before this video was taken... We had returned to the "flop-house room" Randal used to get drunk in! (You can hear me stumbling over all the empty beer cans throughout the video). Heidi had just met me that week... as I played the part of a stupid cowboy with too many cameras! It had been a fun-filled week of very compassionate work... for some of the kindest people on earth! (She was a big hit with everyone she reached out to during this emotional time of the year, you can see it in their eyes... even before you click to enlarge any of the pictures)!

SO, here goes nothing boys... this is for the PPPee'ers from Loud Mouth Larry! (You must have been to a Ski for Light week to understand that one).


1010414.JPG 1010416.JPG 1010547.JPG
1010573.JPG 1010666.JPG 1010687.JPG


The first day we were "muled" into the cross-country "blind" tents... where many were surprisingly allowed to "feelie-see" her! (I think that is what started it all).

After this got around there was no other way to go. (She got down on their level right away and even had the strength to pulled them up to hers). What a crowd pleaser! 


SH106015.JPG SH106017.JPG SH106039.JPG

Almost nobody knew we got the video though, everyone was gone before I got up and going again... (We did not actually finish it until early the following morning)!

Including the hour or so of teasing the DVD I sent to participants was a full length movie! (No I don't ask for pay, even for the postage, I am still trying to get into heaven).

I could have sold this to the guides or sponsors, but that would cause some trouble with the board. (They have an "image problem" and do not like to promote the fun side).

I have done many "naughty" things off and on for them over the last 25 years. And been in trouble before! Whatever... I only sell to the rich guides to recover some expenses!

I have also heard those who endure serious confinement all the rest of each year say my work has given them a reason to continue to live... just to come back for more.

(When this group was only locally known I was already there, doing what I do best... taking pictures of embarrassing moments). And now there are over 500 subjects!

1010747.JPG 1010756.JPG 1010771.JPG


This video work surprised me, I thought at the time I was wasting tape and should just take more pictures! If I had not had the "night-vision" camera with me I would have. (The setup was about as bad as you can get... One 40 watt bulb in the lamp, a bare 100 watt in the low ceiling right above them). There was no room to even move around... I had to crawl over his legs on the bed to reach the other side. Notice how I directed him to pull her head away from banging against the wall three times in less than ten minutes! We were also very tired before we even started.

You may notice he kept asking her to get on top and she refused... You will see on some of the other videos later in this story how graphic and wicked that makes her look! (I had also ask her at the time to "play the cat" part that had been so popular with many participants... notice her saying "cats come when they want to... you can't make me come" and whatever! You must remember, many shut-ins have only a cat to keep them company... and they are very fond of all cat people).

Actually only about one third of this video is edited into the clip! She also had a few climaxes when I was switching light bulbs or cleaning out a place to stand. I played stupid and kept trying to get him to give her a better time... the truth is she achieved more climaxes than a normal girl can take without resting, some of them stronger than many women will ever have in their entire lifetime! You will watch her come seven times in eleven minutes... but the actual tape-roll shows her coming almost once a minute for over a dozen times early in the shoot. (When the hard climaxes began to come they last almost a minute each and dropped her down in a pile)... I  actually shut off the camera and lit him a cigarette, or he would have screwed her to death for sure! (That is proof positive what a manic young man will do for the best pot our government can grow! It also explains why someone with Behavior Management is risking her career to get more for people like him... And don't get me wrong, I am not really in favor of smoking pot, I only did it for a while in the seventies to forget about a troubling war. Once I had kids I could not spare the time. It is also dangerous when there is no control. Pot dealers often push other drugs too. Smoking it too much is bad for normal people, it makes you lazy too! It is most useful when someone is trying to forget about bad times, or is just simply stuck in overdrive like Randal).

Heidi was looking her best in this first video too. (No extra burns with the bottom of a coke bottle after heating on a candle. No bites, cuts or bruises from all the manic fuck-fights. Nobody had manhandled her while fighting with cops or security lately. Randal had not even thrown her down those metal city steps yet).

They were still in love, and spring was coming... along with Heidi. (Notice no leaves on the trees yet in the video link at the bottom of this page. Hardly a month later and we are all much closer to death. Maybe too much sex is not good after all)?

In some of  the videos you will see as you navigate through my pages you may notice Randal is only about half what he can be in size on a good day! But it did the job well and she was not feeling any pain from over stretching or having hard-dick contact with her tender clit area! (After months of watching them screw up close I now know she appears to feel no good sensation when only the clit area is involved, maybe because of the damage that was done to it)... I do not know for sure, I have never seen this on a girl before! I am not an expert at that, I doubt I have seen more than one hundred women up close while they were having sex in my entire lifetime. (During all my times shooting porn any girl climax was almost always faked. During "wedding consummation" private work it was often clumsy and awkward. Before the army I did not even think most girls could come at all. In Korea and Japan most of the girls did not concentrate on their pleasure, only that of the man. Mexican girls just want to marry you and sex in the arctic is bizarre. I have even seen a few girls who had been clit-clipped.

Heidi's look is very close to the last example. (She may in fact feel pain more than pleasure when that area is touched). Someday I hope she gets some help with that... then maybe she can put her legs down and relax while she comes!

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One thing is for sure, Heidi may have been late getting started with the "enjoyable" part of making babies... but she is making up for lost time now!

This may have been a once in a lifetime event. Over two dozen "quality" climaxes without stopping, maybe a dozen more good ones... and nobody died.

Now, on with the explanation... of how this happened in the first place and why I am so dedicated to seeing it through!

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