This is a true story about the sexual abuse of many young people here in Deadwood... by the "drug mafia" after legalized gambling took over this town!

If you live here or plan to visit it is important that you know about this, some of the information may protect any children in your care who are past puberty. 

Any explanation about abuse or "sex for drugs" connected to Randal would need to start back in about 1993. Although he was very young at this time, that was actually when his abuse started. After several "druggie" boyfriends of his mother Venus and her best friend Monica began to traded some kind of drug (he knew only as a powder) in trade for these men having anal sex with Randal. He told me they also placed some of this powder inside of "his bottom" each weekend. I will never forget a story he once told me about "that picture window" in the house he grew up in. He explained at first he dreaded them coming... but before long he found himself watching at that window and hoping they would come Friday evening instead of Saturday! Randal said that was why he never liked to watch cartoons with the other kids on Saturday morning because if they had not come by then he was "needing it bad" and could not do anything but look out that window and watch for them! I think this story might be very close to exactly what took place and I know for sure he hated his mother more than anyone I have ever met! I also know he had no feeling in his genitals and never knew when he "went" until you smelled it. I do not understand for sure why... but during his "sexually active" years that I was with him (beginning shortly after he turned 18, when he had been released from those two years of rehab and reform school)... not once did he ever make a mess while he was performing his never ending sexual deeds with any girl I was aware of. (These events were also more of a performance than anything to do with love or feelings, at least on his part). In the years prior to that I just assumed he was bragging and boasting like all the other construction workers I had on any crew. As far as the older women he spoke of having sex with... I thought this was some kind of a "mean fantasy"  he had made up. (I figured mostly due to his hatred for the older women in his family that had allowed this wicked sex to happen to him for so long before they shipped him off to detox)? Although when it was real bad weather and his tent was too cold he would go stay with either his grandmother or his great grandmother. Throughout those years he showed very little love for either of them. (He later in fact admitted stealing money and valuables from both of them). However, I found in the years to come he seemed to have quite an unusual passion for almost every other "older" woman he met? By the time I knew for sure what he was doing I had already seen him act child-like and play on their motherly instincts just to get closer to several of them.

His sexual encounters with the elderly women during those so-called "snowdays" must not have started until almost the year 2000. At that time his body was going through puberty and he began to grow in "spurts" and out of proportion! I was told his dick was ahead of the rest of him... and a few of the retired prostitutes began to take full advantage of this situation. According to his own admission the only young girls he had sex with during this time period were the "heavy girls" his age or a bit older. (This must have started when he was about 10 or 11, although I am not sure as I seldom employed him for more than a few day labor jobs involving heavy work with rock hauling or cement mixing and there was no bragging about sex from him at any time... at least not among my crew. I did notice he could out work anyone on the crew and lasted longer without a break. His full time summer job was with "major" support wall builders like Marvin and he only worked a few weekends each month for us. He also liked to "work for trade" more than money, and wanted my collection of old metal "Tonka" trucks. I did not take any special interest in him until after his grandfather grew ill and ask me to look after him. (Ted had been very instrumental during my "old school" plumber training back in the eighties... a number of times he continued this when I took the maintenance job at the Franklin Hotel before legal gaming came to town). When I made that pledge to watch over Randal I did not know what this task would involve... I thought at the time I was only going to teach him about tools and train him to be a plumber or something! I already knew he was surprisingly big and strong for his age, and street-wise. (In the end I realized neither of us were very wise about anything we did... other than decide who got our stuff after we were dead).

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I think that was the last "hidden" video ever taken of Randal... I will not bore you with all the "happy video" I took of him when he was first working for me and helping at times to play with my grandsons in the sand with trucks when I was babysitting. Or the good times we had digging for gold or fixing sidewalks for old ladies... But as he grew older I had a feeling I needed to get him out of this area and it almost happened once when I took him to "the farm" back in Nebraska. It was a very hot wet summer and they had some serious trouble with several center pivots always getting stuck in the mud. We were trying to carry all these heavy bags of ready-mix and straw hay bales through that tall corn. Randal carried twice what anyone else could and kept running back for more. He might have been doing some of this just to show off, but both of my brothers were very impressed with his work. I offered to remain there with him for the rest of the summer but they got worried when I told them that he smoked and was not 18 yet... that was just not allowed at our family farm! (It was a good thing I did not tell them he was actually not even 15... or mention what else he was smoking)! You must understand, my family remaining "back on the farm" are not very accustom to "fast" living or wild behavior... Not that they do not know about it, they just choose not to believe it could ever happen in their neck of the woods (You may use words like ignorant, slow, or stupid if you like... but naive is closer, or maybe just old-fashion). At times they still long for the good ole days when life was simple. But then they have a good year and get a few million extra dollars to spend on new toys! After they go to town and buy another tractor with auto-steer and a GPS video machine in the cab they will admit they like modern times after all. (Fifty years ago we planted wheat "out behind the barn" and were still doing contour work on the sidehills and "breaking new ground" over east... I pulled an eight foot disk at two mile an hour in the same field they now pulled a "fourtyfooter" at eight mile an hour. After the "big" year I got part of the "average" twenty bushel yield from my grandfather as my pay for that summer. I bought a transistor radio, put it in a plastic bag to keep the dust out and duck taped it to my cap. Last year my brother averaged two hundred bushel per acre on the same ground and bought a new garage with one of those fancy overhead doors on the back end. Just that fancy door cost him twice as much as my house did... and I have a nice house! In the old days my family had horses, milk cows, sheep, and bulls all in separate fields with gates and water tanks and whatever... We had the feeder calves and the pigs separated from the range cattle too. There was lots of chores morning and night... even more during the winter just keeping them all with water and extra hay and "seen to" no matter how cold it was. Now the barns and pens are filled with extra trucks and surplus equipment stored just in case. The pens are filled with a mixture of old and new machinery parked all around the fences. The only livestock still remaining are the chickens! And I think they even have heated auto-fill water tanks and bulk feeders machines. It is not that everyone in my family is too lazy to do all the hard labor type of work involved in the ranch side of our original homestead, it is just that they make enough money doing the easy parts they do not feel the need. (Over the years I have taken the best of my workers from many crews to the farm as a reward for hard work. I have impressed men from Russia, Indonesia, Romania, Honduras, Japan and Korea. I have also taken many fun pictures of family members from the middle east, Mexico, Canada... and even Arkansas! Randal and a few others also liked to visit one of my friends who still had some friendly stock. He called it the "pet stop" and we even road a few pigs or calves a few times if nobody was home! In all those trips, not once did anyone know he was anything more than an underprivileged "city- slicker" that loved animals... Then came Heidi, and now the field trips have ended for everyone forever!

The first drug connection Randal had with Donna Kellar was earlier during this same summer, when she began to give him large bags of pot (about 2 or 3 ounces at a time) to just "go smoke with his friends" without any explanation. (This happened only at "the beach" at first... then later on that same fall at other locations such as the Double D bar or Ken's apartment above the Bodega). By the time he was getting drugs offered to him in the apartment or the bar the drug "gifts" were more along the line of cocaine and various other combinations involving hard alcohol. (A practice already in motion... enabling other "studs" before him to last longer without climaxing). The "backpack runs" of hard drugs from this location to the High School followed soon afterwards. (Reportedly he only did some of the morning runs while he was still in Junior High and an occasional after school delivery). Once he was in High School he always did one on an early bus, and sometimes another one during the lunch hour. (He claimed all he ever got out of it was a hamburger and anal sex from the bartender Lisa). He later named a school employee in the bus barn, three teachers, both of his brothers, and at least one contact "druggie" on every floor of the school. He even bought (or traded) drugs with one of the teachers he was having sex with. All interviews involving the school seemed to vary at times and some of it may have been changed or exaggerated due to his hatred for them after being expelled and banned from this area during his second year. Some of this information was however supported by other students at a later time. One fact that remained consistent with everyone was that this practice was considered by them as being very helpful to the school "system" as it was at that time? They said "some needed a downer to concentrate, others needed uppers to learn, and a few just needed something to remain calm" so the teachers could keep order in the classroom! (They claimed over two thirds of the kids in school were taking drugs daily during this time period. My four children had just completed school three years before this and they told me less than one third of the kids were ever on anything and far less than half of even the seniors had ever done anything more than pot). I hate to say this, but I think my kids were not very accurate on this topic. (They all had full time jobs throughout that entire time and were also not considered "local" or among the "in crowd" of this area. I also know the cops had drug screening already in place before dances... and after the Homestake Mine was closed things were coming unglued in a hurry around the year 2000). Randal said the biggest drug years at this school were the three following the arrival of Donna Kellar during the winter of 2001 and that a few years later many said I ruined everything when I "shut her down" with my bad-mouthing. (Explaining the lives of many kids were destroyed when they had to use meth after the coke dried up). This was actually not really the case! There was still plenty of coke available past 2004, all the way through 2006... mostly to any girls who connected with the right employee at any of the Kellar casinos or went up to Donna's love shack! Another thing that puts a twist on this time line is a testimony Randal later gave about the dangers of addition to cocaine. He described being unable to get out of bed at times... crawling to the edge where the cocaine was located and fumbling to get enough up his nose to "become human" enough to try getting upright. He said once there he often did nothing more than chop up and smash enough for a later fix he would need after sleeping some more. He said he missed the sun and often did not get going until almost dark that winter. I think it was at this time he was desperate enough to take any girl he could find to Donna for another payment. He also described some payments by saying he got "as much as he could fit in his fist" from a bag being prepared for sale. (You may have noticed Randal refused to admit he "took girls from school" for "a good dick'in in the hot tub" and only took them from the streets? More than one girl who now blames him as well as herself has spoken with great anger in her eyes about this being a set-up from the beginning. The word was out about his big dick and his unbelievable stamina long before he was in High School. Even girls from Sturgis knew of this guy who was sterile and stopped as soon as you had enough. They said he was getting famous... and by the time he left town he had already "totally satisfied" more girls than everyone else combined. They said he often met school buses, and never left with the same girl twice. Many knew of the cocaine you could get from him too... it was the best! They also said they did not tell about the "other" sex because it was so wicked they were afraid nobody would ever want them again). The "Donna Kellar Gang" was the best thing that had happened to this town in years... ask anybody! The Deadwood Diva could do no wrong. If some girl had a problem with that she was told to be silent or she would simply disappear.

By the time Randal turned 18 and was released from rehab the "local" drug business had expanded to include weekly runs going in every direction... supplying a five state region. They even had drugs going both ways in several locations! (Coke for meth and pills in Wyoming and Montana. Coke for "Shurms" and pot from Colorado and Nebraska). It was all well planned and laid out in great detail too. Long runs had two in each car, even when they stopped for gas and to call back only one left the car at a time. (Lots of pot and at least a kilo of coke in each backpack. Place it under life guard station number 5 at the water park in Sioux Falls. Pick up the smaller pack with the money in it and do not stop until you get back to town... we are timing you)! Another popular drop on shorter runs was done using filling station trash cans with pagers or phones as the only contact for timing? Very seldom did either party see the other one actually doing the switch. Randal only knew of one missing drop during these years. The carrier's name was Jeremy and his family had long since gave up on him years before... But Jeremy's grandmother told me if he was still alive he would have at least come for his Christmas present from her by now! The total drug volume is only an estimate and our count of 23 people who were known to be directly involved on this end may not be very close either. (However, any drug business approaching one half billion dollars over the four years we tracked it would have been quite an impact on this community). It was no wonder Donna gained 46 homes during a recession and the Kellar Klan needed 13 casinos to laundry all that money! I remember several group discussions with those who normally made tip money from slot machine jackpots... my oldest son was one of them at the time and everyone knew it was far from normal what was happening at the casinos owned by the Kellar group. (Someone would be max betting a machine and "feeding it" without emotion. They would hit big at times and without fan-fare be paid out in hundreds... minus the cut for taxes without argument. And without a tip either? No champagne or a free room offer! Just non-stop gambling until the money was all in the machine. The most surprising thing I witnessed was the look of relief rather than despair, when the job was done. That was a red flag and it went on non stop during busy time for many years. Profits soared, the city/county/state all got their cut too. The overall gambling totals were up... all was well. Why would anyone want to mess with that?

NOTE: It was later determined that was probably about ten percent of the total drug money, it was partly sacrificed for operating capital. Larger amounts were paid to the people wanting "out" and they were often paid off in cash, to include their home! Maybe some of this money was later used for drug rehab or counseling for a few of those girls but too often that family left in shame... and without her! (This sex with the little girls "perk" was unlike most other drug operation... in America anyway)! The main reason it worked so well here was the foolish mentality of too many of our youth in this area! Many say it is the rich history of prostitution in Deadwood and how "accepted-as-the-norm" it was by most of the local people in the past. Add that right-of-passage thing when a girl brags she is now "old enough to show her tits" at the nearby Sturgis Bike Rally. You would not believe some of the stories about serious competition among the young girls on just how naughty they can be and how soon they can get started! Schools from far away were even aware of our fast women with those Homestake Mine sponsored "GOLD DIGGER" labels on their cheerleading outfits. Using highly addictive drugs to get girls to perform wicked sexual acts is not a new idea either, it is the norm in that business! The kellar people were not the first to offer hard drugs in this community either, they were just the best at combining "secret sex" to keep it silent while expanding into the oilfields. Although many men went down into the Cigar Bar for their meth, everyone went to the The Double "D" Bar across the street for the real fun!

Randal got a big kick out of this picture and thought I shot it that way just so he could remember his good times with Lisa! He said "look above" her head... Exit my ass, that was her entrance! (Although he did have sex with her in a proper way at times... he said she "handled" it up the butt better than anyone else he had ever done that to. (I would imagine so, considering his size). I think he liked doing such a hurtful thing because of all the times he had felt it done to him while he was growing up. For years before this I had never really gained any trust from this "twisted" mind of his. After I knew he could become my best snitch I tried every trick in the book and a few others to keep him alive and working for us. I had even purchased that backhoe and a bobcat skid steer just so he could run them. I had given him shelter and safety when all others were sending him away. I had taken him (and often any girlfriend he had) on much needed vacations as a reward for finishing jobs ahead of schedule. I even gave him all the big Tonka toys I had. (And bought them back after he pawned them too). I had spent many hours listening to his troubles and worked with all his social workers the best I could... However, it was this picture and our talk about the evil related to such things that was the key to finally unlocking his emotions. It was at this time in our relationship that Randal began to tell me more true things that were happening for years right under my nose without me having a clue. He told me about the large volume of drugs that were involved, and how serious things had become. He even admitted being involved while diluting the cocaine "for sale"  as it was cut with baby laxative at the love shack! He even warned me that Mitch had a gun and never left there while drugs were present. I argued that Donna came and went in her "Diva Hummer" at all times of the day and night... But he thought all major drug deliveries were only made when Ken and Donna arrived alone in a fancy Hummer. I had already been told the only "outside" people going up to Ken's apartment using that "private elevator" requiring a key were normally only the girls who would soon win the "lay" contest at Karaoke in the Bodega... Some of those girls were also under 18 and a few of them could even sing better than others who entered! (I still cannot believe they did this time after time in front of the help without even trying to explain themselves)? Although Randal said he never saw much of anything happening up there when Ken was home... just a tired old man sitting in a chair is all he would say? Nobody else except one girl would ever talk about it either, but she explained why he looked so tired... as he remained in that chair?

There were a few other foolish things Randal would never admit to (like the damage to all my equipment and the theft or destruction of items in storage tents beside her love shack). After I found his first journal I discovered he was mostly covering for others that were involved in some of that mischief clear back to when "Marvin and crew" were trying to convince me to sell this property to a "local" person. He even remained silent about this foolishness when I named people who his "story" had mentioned while doing some of these "pranks" with... like pushing the cars and trailers shown below off of  "rubber-road" and down into the creek. He still did not "come clean" about crimes against me and mine after he found out about the "sneaky video" camera on the property! (Although he did not waste any time telling Donna about it). After that it was game on and I left town for good.


I know Mitch stepped on the valve stem of that tire on the Skid steer and I think he slashed the hydraulics hoses on the loader. I know he trashed the campground and he was the only one that would have shot my dog... he had already warned me he might do that! Some of Kens maintenance men took all my shelving while on the clock and a leader with Historic Preservation told the Black Hills College not to help me with that archaeology dig at the old city dump. (There are others involved, even cops too... but this is not about the petty stuff. I should have known I could not store any of my extra "junk" on this hillside... I do not have that right? Or should I say "the right" last name). Someone like Ron Robely can pile ten times what I had all over a hillside in full view... Others with the right connections with the city can do as they please with extra cars and stuff (even in front of historic buildings or beside the road to Mount Moriah) but not any of the Sullivan family! Randal reminded me of this fact one time when we were reading some of the information they often put on gravestones in the past. He did not even know a Jewish name from one connected to the mafia, but he knew some Deadwood names that could "do no wrong" regardless of the crime! And he added we had to show "respect" to a few other names that had "purchased" favorite treatment too. He told me "for sure" the Kellar name was one of them! (This is not uncommon anywhere you have important history or deep roots... but normally it is averaged with common sense)! When the Kellar Foundation came to Deadwood they did better than most to "bribe and donate" to all the right people with the largest amounts at the perfect time!

I have never figured out what part Ken Kellar really played in this set-up, other than a casino buyer and a friendly drunk! (Although he would have been beyond reproach if ever stopped along the road. Any cop would have just waved her on once they got a good look at those boobs and then saw this very old man with a happy look of built up anxiety on his face... "Let the poor guy get his jollies before he croaks, and she better hurry" was the story at one major sting checkpoint)! I first met Ken Kellar when I was filling in as a bartender one day in Callahan's at the Franklin Hotel. (He came in about noon and remained for the rest of the day, drinking top shelf booze the entire time. He acted like a bum and played the part very well... He did not own anything in town at this time, and was just getting a feel for things I guess). He told anyone that would listen that he wanted to buy a bar so he could drink for free. He talked with several bar owners that day in fact. (It was not too long afterwards that he actually bought the first of many). He was not a tipper but I was extra curious due to the strange ways he had of keeping someone's attention. And who ever it was that controlled his spending sure kept him on a tight leash! The best example I can give you of that is what happened later down at the Buffalo Bar. He got into a heated argument with the help about not being served until after he had paid a bar tab of sixty four dollars! He was physically removed out the front door before it was all over. Not too long afterwards he paid a "million-three" for the place and fired almost everybody! (If he actually had his own money that would have never happen the way it did). A few years after he died the lawyers for Donna made a number of figures public when she went after his estate for more money. His worth was listed at simply "somewhere between one and one hundred million dollars" of wealth. It is confusing how the count could be off as much as 99 million dollars... maybe they could not declare the cash or something! And this court record also said before the year 2000 Donna claimed she was a waitress with a small reality business involving three or four houses... and she was not even sure if she wanted to marry Ken. I just cannot see a woman of seventy years of age, and looking like she did... working very hard as a "lowly" waitress anywhere! I can however, see a high-dollar whore with a coke habit (and a few good plastic surgeons) making good before it was too late! (They did a pretty good job on Donna... but her arms could use more stretching and her hands are showing some serious wear these days)!

My last contact with Randal was in late August of 2010 (when he robbed Pam's tip money out of our house) on the same morning he had arraigned a job for us in Rapid City, where he was to help my backhoe dig out a broken water line... He had once again become desperate enough to rob from anyone anywhere possible. (He had already taken a large bag containing drugs and money from his dad's home and anything worth pawning from the apartment he had been living in with Heidi). But within another year he was already calling me to ask for help again... or at least conversation and local news (for the next 5 years anyway). He normally called at least once each year, every time from a different location. For a while he remained working, mostly in construction. Finally he called our house one day during a snowstorm and told me he was wearing cutoffs and sandals while soaking up some sun on a beach somewhere. After that he never called again... he must have found a sugar mommy that could put up with him! Each time I ask about Heidi and normally he would only call her a few wicked names and refuse to say more... but then I would not answer any question he was asking about others he was unable to contact anymore. Eventually he would finally disclose the latest thing that had happened with her. The first year he spoke of her new baby girl... that was his! The next year he was put in jail for trying to cut her throat with part of his glasses, after she stomped on them. The following year she had sued for child support money out of his disability check and the DNA test had proven it was not his! (Big surprise). After that she was being "kept" in a run-down motel by some cowboy in a small town out west somewhere. Finally he had no first hand information to offer anymore. So I told Pam to answer our phone on the next call... and use their old "drug code" line. (In the hey day of his drug runner time with Donna the lawyers would even tell Randal to "come in the back door" of the double D bar or wherever... It meant there were drugs waiting for him, and a job to do)! But this time... he was told, when he came in our back door for more money, we had a bullet with his name on it waiting for him. (I think that was actually why he stopped calling me. He knew I was bluffing some of the time, but Pam NEVER did). He knew Pam was always against me attempting to "out bribe" him with my best SFL marijuana or "pay him off" with her hard earned cash... But he also knew she wanted somebody to help all the abused kids and get rid of this operation before her own grandchildren were old enough to get caught up in it. He knew she seldom spoke... but when she did, you better write it down!

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