The crimes of a child?

     When the trouble with the Kellars reached the point where they were attempted to use cops, courts, and councils against me I was hard pressed to find the reason behind such foolishness. (At first they just offered Randal $5,000 to set me up... But all he actually got out of them was some carharts and a stolen dog. Actually the "set-up" didn't work at all so they robbed our second hiding place of the computers that was thought to contain some damning evidence against them). The only problem was they got the wrong computers! Randal decided he would be safer coming back to my side of the fence and he began to open up about some scary things he had done with them in the past. This next video is part of the second "long talk" we had before I gave him the shelter and security he required from that point on. (He was soon convinced the law would go easy on him either way, due to his age and immaturity).    

     As many of us struggle through these current times of serious difficulty... who really cares about the troubles of others? Especially those without a "life" or at least those who have no other lives depending on them for "a life" or a living. These people must simply look after themselves best they can. (For that matter, very few even care to read of such troubles)! I do not belittle such people no more than those who remain on these pages just long enough to scroll to the bottom of each one to see which sexy video is worth saving...

     Those who know that "quicktime" movies in the .mov format are easier to work with when making computer movies have already done so while the original web pages were available... Those videos are no longer visible and these newer "iphone" movies are compressed to the point they do not work well to make a quality movie on your own anymore. I will place links after we are done serving the other pages for any loyal followers to then find the clips they need for the scenes they want in their version of any final movie they want to make. For now just follow along. Continue searching for more content... You will get all you want in time. Most people viewing this content do not have the extra time it takes to care about the troubles of others! (It is not necessarily a bad thing, it is just human nature to be that way in hard times).

     So what if some kid with a big dick was put to work selling drugs or screwing old ladies... at least he had work! So what if his kidneys are shot or he shits when he coughs and is stuck in depends for the rest of his life. (Many will simply not want to think about that too much... it could ruin their mood). Now you say the bad guys got the blow-job girl to tell them which computer had the surveillance video and got Randal to help them steal it... You say they took it to the cops and tried to change the story. (And the case worker is in on it too)! Wait a minute... what was that about a blow-job girl? Did somebody miss a video? (Now that was sneaky! Randal got a blow-job on the couch during one of those boring interview videos)? That movie clip might need to be edited in... what's this, it's a 13 year old army brat, are you kiddin' me! Where is this going next? (Actually there has never been any video taken by me "on purpose" of anyone under the age of 18 doing anything wicked sexually... But there is also no video interview that does not contain wicked information about most of the boys or any of the girls who ever reached that age before some bad people started them on hard drugs and worked them into the sex trade within Deadwood). It is also difficult to understand why the number one download location of this video will be into some old perverts' hard drive... at the same time all the girls who should have been warned about such things are often blocked from reaching this web site!

At one point in the years leading up to these pages being served Randal was charged (along with Mitch) for trespassing on posted land, breaking and entering, and stealing computers and valuables worth more than $10,000.00! (They were actually after the computers that had been used to gather evidence against the drug cartel, the Mafia, and the sex ring in Deadwood). Although a so-called "brilliant lawyer" better known as Governor Janklow got this case to mysteriously just "go away" at the Pennington County Courthouse... despite all efforts by myself, Officer Greg Nelson, and an employee named Scott to get a solid conviction! (Oh yes, did I mention Bill Janklow & associates were earlier captured among the others recorded at the "love shack" with those young girls).

Anyway, before any of that happened, Randal had once again turned on them and was begging me to save him, for the third time... When he came to me for advice this time I turned on a hidden camera by my coffee cup...

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Who care about the news media? (I mostly said that to get him to give me the complete story instead. The news media is often the only source of information for many people, but the Internet is unlimited for content. All other news sources are so badly condensed they often do not give you the whole truth or any of the details)! Sometimes people have actually witnessed some major happening and later see it on the news or read about it and think... Wow, that is not even close to what really happened.

This "crime against humanity" page is a good example of that. (My video was actually the first wicked "NOT ON PURPOSE" video I ever shot of anyone under the age of 18 having sex! And at the time it was done totally by accident. This is how it happened)...

Back in the eighties my family volunteered to help clean the Catholic graveyard in Deadwood. In the top left-hand side we found an old fence all down in a pile and mostly buried. Wally Molman told us that it was the graveyard boundary line. We could drag all the dead branches over it and maybe the city would clean it up for us. We were doing this when my youngest slipped away from the work! After a while I went calling and she answered from far below. (She was down at the water washing out a cut on the bottom of her foot. It was a bad cut, but the water was very cold this early in the spring and the bleeding had stopped)! We got back up the easy way using some long "game trails" that zigzagged up the hill with her riding piggy back. She showed me where she stepped on a broken beer bottle beside a large campfire near the top. I did not say anything then (but heard later that some kids had been having parties around this graveyard and they might be the ones knocking over the gravestones we were attempting to fix). When the day was done I already had a plan in mind to "save the day" for our new-found church and catch them rascals red-handed. I left my old "junk" pickup at the bottom for other helpers to later fill for the dump. Every Saturday night for some time afterwards we always stopped at the pickup after Mass. My wife was confused, as the pickup was almost filled to the top the first time we went back, but I did not take it... Finally one night I saw what I was actually going up there to find. (The flickering lights of a campfire glowing off those trees above it). Pam took the kids home for bed and I told her I was planning on visiting a friend on the way home with the pickup... I said I wanted to show them a video from my camera and took the case out of the car without question. (It was my new $1,800 one with the built in digital freeze-frame... it could also film in lowlite with only 7 lux. My family had helped me get it for shooting my brother's wedding. Of course you know what I was going to use it for now... Little did I know what I would actually capture)! I in fact did not even shoot much of this "love-making" scene! It was more like a gorilla screwing a rabbit anyway. Not any love being made in this encounter for sure, closer to a date rape than anything! (Heidi called it making sex, not love)! I was actually trying to concentrated on getting good freeze frames of faces more than anything, and these two were not very close to the fire. But after it ended she was very angry when he stood up and was no longer wearing a rubber. I could only see one other girl there, but she had what looked like a pencil in her purse and gave it to this girl as soon as she ask for it. The guy was still finishing his beer when she got the rubber out of her and threw it at him. Without finishing his beer he tossed the bottle back towards her. His words were not clear on the tape due to some background laughter but I think he said something about a souvenir for the little cheerleader. That caused some bad reactions from several people and I was afraid the party was about to break up. They had a tall pickup on a trail road just below me. I figured I needed to get going before they left so that was all I got on this video. (The next day I returned and found the "now famous" beer bottle. Without putting my prints on it I placed it with the rubber in a zip lock bag and buried it by the fence in the corner of the graveyard). The girl soon married a "flunky" instead of this "jock" that following summer and later had a baby that "time out" close to this faithful evening. Almost 20 years afterwards a child later produced by the big shot married the other one... and I think the "pencil" girl knew it was wrong at the time, but she said nothing!

I blew my cool and told "Marrying Mayor" Bruce about this video one day down at his print shop. He was making fun of me for not seeing their ad in the paper stating they would take "Lot F" away from me if nobody came forth in the given "time of notice" or whatever. (I bought all the land originally owned by the city below this graveyard and they later "took back" the small lot at the top because this fence line was no longer visible. I started to tell him about the video that included this fence before they "disappeared" it, but he was too busy to listen).

This was before they even had such a thing as DNA... and I might also have fingerprints too! I'll bet he will listen now.

That part of this hillside always gave me a strange feeling... that was in fact why I bought this land in the first place! I think a long lost Great Uncle named Owen Sullivan was killed in this area sometime before May 10th of 1876. I was told some interesting details about this "stinkin' Irishman" by 3 different "special" people more than 7 years apart... and none of them knew each other then or ever met afterwards! I also have three of our past family animals buried up there too... And I have pictures showing the fence in one of them as well. The city should return lot F to my family... it could be sacred ground to us! That lot serves no purpose to them anyway. After they took over this cemetery they took that lot just to show me who was in control! My question now is who put you in control? Oh ya, maybe it was the same relatives who murdered mine!

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