What really happens in Deadwood...(Part 5 of 7)

This next video was shot on the fifth day after we moved to our third so called  "safe" hideout. (We had to leave the other one quickly, when I was falsely reported dead after that shootout in Deadwood between several guys named Terry). The scene was shot not too long after our second experience with Heidi while she is drinking hard liquor! (And after the third time she went on a crime spree somewhat like Bonnie and Clyde started out... that is another page though). Life got very complicated for all of us after this video was shot.

NOTE: Years later I found out the state trouper saved the calf after all. I think the Sheppard dog found his own way home and I know fluffy the cat later abandon us near a dairy close to Wall Drug.

(Early this same morning Heidi had agreed to clean out some junk left in several unused rooms of this old house we had now moved back to... most of the trash and junk was left by other male workers I had working there in years past. This house really needed a good cleaning! While pretending to do this she found a brand new bottle of "stashed" liquor and went for a long walk).

I had just survived a sleepless night... as a late-spring snowstorm had come in from the northwest on the fourth evening. The clouds had not appeared until late in the day and caught me somewhat unprepared. I moved them into the Limo after we built a small fire in a safe location out of the wind inside the back door of the house. We had hobo dinners when the coals were hot and they went to sleep several hours after dark around 8:30, I remained awake to tend the fire and "pull" the night shift again. (They liked that... it would give them more privacy for the loving in the dark she liked so much)! Also, after giving them a job for the day I would try to sleep in one of the vehicles and allow them more time alone together, which they also thought was more fun than trying to work alongside me all day like we did for the month before while hiding up in the hills! (So far each day they would make a feeble attempt to do something constructive... Then figure out an excuse for not knowing quite how to continue whatever project I had hoped to get done).
Shortly after that they would normally grab a few beers each and go on a walk somewhere on this property! By the fourth day they had explored most of the other abandon homesteads and tree claims on the entire 500 acres! They had also drank almost all the beer and we were fighting constantly about who should do the work that was not getting done. (We had already burned up most of the collected firewood while cooking and enjoying the evening campfire. She had only cleaned one room in four days and swept parts of the floor in two more... The closest thing she did to cooking was make a few sandwiches the first day and put some hotdogs on a stick for us the third night). Randal used his chainsaw for almost ten minutes the first day before dulling the chain in the dirt... he had been searching for his file ever since. (Actually he was mostly just looking for more locations where Heidi hid his daily ration of pot). After any argument they always said they had now fallen totally in love with each other or this homestead. Declaring they just wanted to remain here and make babies forever... so what was the rush? They planned to use some of their so-called "porno profits" to buy it from me anyway. (I must remind you neither of them have ever held a job and both have lived out of a backpack or suitcase most of their lives).

The last night Heidi was to sleep at this location it was in a make-shift bed Randal set up in the back of the Limo. About every two hours I would go out and start the car to run the heater until it was comfortable for them... Around 4:30 in the morning I fell asleep while it was running and wasted some gas before it got hot enough to wake me up! I also let the fire go out and had to start all over using my last candle to get everything going again. At about six I made coffee and took it out to them... Heidi actually got right up and we had a nice visit in my "fire" room as we drank the pot of coffee together. (She agreed they had accomplished nothing the first week and she promised to get him to do more work in the future. She ask me why I did not shoot any more pictures or video of their fun times together? Wondering if I was also now somewhat ashamed after my visit with what she called those "good people" back at the farm! I promised to get the AC inverter going, recharge all batteries, and begin that work again as soon as possible).  She thought it was still necessary to get better footage of some takes... She also agreed to clean more on the house that day and get him to start on the basement rooms as well... (Randal got up around 8 and did a bit of cleaning with me before I was sure he had enough to work for at least the four hour work day we had all agreed on before coming here). I got the power inverter hooked to the car battery and went to sleep around 9:30... Heidi and her cat were already missing by that time! I was awaken by Randal shortly after noon... he was hungry, as they had long before consumed all the "junk food" I bought for emergencies!

He was also getting a real kick out of his drunken girlfriend that had reappeared out in the pile of dead trees not far from the south side of the house! When I got to her she was missing one of my expensive old west boots. My coat was torn and she was wedged into the V of a fallen tree so badly I could not get her out... she had also wet her pants while crying for help! I blew my top at Randal, as he once again had let me down on purpose. He had also unplugged my chargers and plugged in the laptop instead, to have some music while he finish off the last of the beer!

He agreed we should get her out of the tree pile and get some dry pants on her while it was still warm. I went searching for things and found a half empty bottle of booze, my boot, and her ID with the pistol belt. I hid the last of the food to starve Randal and told her no coffee until she got us some more firewood. We went back out to finish setting up the Limo as her new bedroom before placing her there to finish sobering up... That was when Randal found our missing money. (It was in her "digs" bag that contained all the fancy clothes... he was looking for his missing CD, which was also recovered). When I went to get her she gave me a hard time! (Up until now we had a "professional" relationship with several goals... like keeping Randal safe and shooting a good "Porno" movie). I called for help and we got her free, she changed her pants using Randal's extra pair... he even gave her one of his depends and she agreed to get some firewood... She was then offered our final Mountain Dew as a small reward (or to sober her up maybe).

It was about 2 in the afternoon and now getting much warmer! The wind was changing and also becoming less of a problem. We went into the house and discussed doing an outside video scene. He agreed to get more of my work done if I would do another video. (He had just finished counting that money again... some was missing so we left it on the counter while he went searching for her. Randal said her period was now over and she was undoubtedly just extra horny today... he would take care of that)! It was not too long afterwards when I found her out wandering around in the trees again... I also had one battery charged by then. Randal ask if this video could be shot up close so he could watch it on the little camera screen later. (The plan was for him to act drunk and this "tough girl" would rape him! I was in for a few surprises during this scene, but Heidi had other ideas and said "just let nature take it's course" or whatever... Although we never did figure out how she got back into the house and took all the money again... this time tucking it into her diaper). 

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This "date rape" scene was poorly done without a tripod and only one charged battery. I could not even take any pictures. Randal survived his "rape" but the camera battery did not make it that far. (The part after he ran away laughing was not all captured. Also the gun and knife scene shortly after was missed). This entire shot was actually nothing like what had been planned and agreed upon before hand... It was suppose to be Randal acting drunk and Heidi doing the commanding role by "date-raping" her boy-toy. (She was no longer drunk by then either, only role-playing... Some of the climaxing was real though, her pussy cannot do that kind of pulsing without a pretty strong one). The entire shot is poorly done free-handed, with my shadow appearing several times and even my own hand moving the hair out of her face. At the time I figured it would wind up being some more wasted footage just for their entertainment!

Actually this footage was later voted in unanimously by all involved in both editing suite locations. (Not because of the quality for sure, but mostly because the scene was so real). It was amazing how quickly things took a turn after this moment. At times even those involved later saying "I was there, and I still don't believe it" or maybe simply stating you ain't gonna believe this, but...

NOTE: A few girls in some holding cell in Holdrege, Nebr. may know the truth about what really happened the next 24 hours. (Heidi said she told them later). Randal and others know what really happened in Hayes Center or on the road to jail. (Someone needs to test that County Sheriff). I think I know who robbed my generator and trashed the house... What I do not know is why. (I was told our man cave "safe room" where we made our coffee turned into a meth lab and others figured the cops must have smoked the last of Randal's pot).

Many of the smaller events were never discussed again and as time passed some details were totally lost.

Gossip around the home town I grew up in really got out of hand too! Those who hurt my mother with foolish rumors might suffer some bad karma for a while as well.

One thing is for certain. Life for me changed forever.


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