What really happens in Deadwood...

     It may have been the summer of love for Randal… but I will remember 2006 as the year without a summer! In fact there was hardly any real love for anyone by that time in the little town of Deadwood, only lots of the wrong kind of wicked sex… This was not sex with some famous black dude with a big dick and his own TV show either. (More like nasty abuse by some old governor or a retired politician with no dick... just their fingers and fist, or maybe a broom handle). And no Quaaludes or sleeping pills either. (More like pure cocaine to start them out and bathtub style meth when they are all stretched out and getting too old to please the perverts a few years later). And this involves girls as young as 13 I am sorry to say! Keep in mind the town of Deadwood only has a bit over a thousand people total, and not much over 600 people off-season during the wintertime. (I am afraid this action continues to this day, now into the spring of 2010. Dozens of girls are no longer in high school. Many more are already dead or missing. And the drug cartel cannot find anymore 13 year old girls. We are going to lose an entire generation). The only other thing missing now is me... And nobody else wants to stop them. Out of those left on the streets during the winter, almost half are dependant on these hard drugs (or the wicked money connected to them) just to continue their current lifestyle. But before we go into such a nasty topic I must try to explain my involvement.

     Normally I tried if at all possible not to even think about sexual things at this time…  (I was scheduled to get my left eye worked over while they removed my cancer, now growing behind it). At the time I remember being very frightened... I was not scared of the cancer thing (I am to the point of welcoming death by now), I was actually afraid I was not going to be able to see well enough to complete the task of getting all the right video served to attract that attention needed to resolve this abuse issue.

     Many would have undoubtedly said I should have simply let that girl rot in the Hayes County jail… After all, she did steal my Limo and wrecked it while trying to wrestling cattle. (That was before she broke into a motel room while naked and took that dog for a ride).

STOP… BACK UP… WAIT A MINUTE. (Maybe I better explain that a little better… when I went back to read what I wrote down there it sounded more like the report filled out by that ignorant local cop)! If I do not explain her actions some of you perverted people will get the wrong idea about this kind-hearted girl named Heidi.

 (When she told the cops that she took the bull calf and the farm dog to have something to play with, she meant it differently than they made it sound)... Yes, she might get drunk and go a little crazy, but she does not have sex with animals! As a matter of fact... during her interviews on this subject one thing remained constant in every discussion about her "bits & pieces" that had been abused in her past. Heidi clearly stated she willing preferred only sex involving the correct opening, and liked it more when her husband waited until she was ready! Her words were "while I lay wide open and fully alert... with complete caution" as if to be watching his back. Even after he was gone and she became "old and single" she still wanted no man inside her who was without "superior" seed, and requires all those "fishees" to be properly placed inside where they belonged... She wanted no part of any kind of oral sex or manual stimulation other than maybe a bit of attention to her breasts! "Those nipples were for my children... you can tease the bits if you please" (She refers to the bumps within the darkened area). She even makes jokes like "Oh really... and you were going to kiss me with that mouth" when her sex partner tried to go on down on her! Or maybe she would say "now don't be probing around in my pieces, you're not a doctor" if they tried to put a finger inside of her. During this trip she informed me that the actual sexual act should not be thought of as strictly for "pleasure/please" but for making love and babies. She stated to be a "perfect sex act worth storing in memory" there must be time allowed for a totally completed act of intercourse... meaning talking first, followed by holding and kissing, followed by fondling and petting, then followed by the actual act of sexual intercourse! Also, only after you are committed lovers... just as "God intended it to be" she would say... Otherwise it is not "making love" and is more like having sex to relieve tension or put someone to sleep! 

Some are skeptical that she told me so much and yet would not talk to others... I can't even prove it either, as she seldom would ever talk on camera or in any group setting. I found out many things on this trip while waited out that storm. We both thought Randal was already dead too. She was frightened and feeling very lonely right then. Also, I had spent some of Pam's money on her the day she got out of jail! You should have seen her, she was a real mess when the cops finished with her! Talk about needing a complete makeover. (That outfit, boots, and makeup should have been more than enough to cheer her up! She loved a bargain too, we got it all at the Salvation Army … Add the hair dye and those silly nails, followed by dinner and dancing)! Oh ya, I forgot to mention the skittles she had before those three beers! (Skittlin' is when you take too much of the right kind of cold medicine, it made her kind of high & very dry... hot too, then she had to drink lots of beer and dance it off).

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I must mention that skittlin' is very dangerous. It will kill her before long unless someone breaks her of this habit! I should have argued with her more about that... There will always be those of you who are too "righteous and well bred" or maybe too "high class and holy" to ever want to read about such nonsense... until one of your own is dead after you looked away from the embarrassing signs or turned a deaf ear to their pleas for help! (That is not ignorance or stupidity on your part... it is simply the easier path! That is fine if you live in a cave... but very naive of you to send your children out every morning to face the wolves out there in the real world of THIS day). I am reminded of that foolish local woman who wanted to give her daughter the best birthday party EVER... She went to the Family Dollar stores in Rapid City and four other towns getting the supplies requested for this party! (Mostly the "limit of two" cough & cold boxes sold under the counter by the checkers ONLY after you present your ID). I think each two dollar box contains 8 red pills... according to both Randal and Heidi it is the only way to get your meth pure enough to get high without the bad side effects of most other cold medicine combinations available over the counter. They both also independently told me the dose must be increased as you gain body weight and even more as you build up resistance if you are doing it too often. Randal told me it took him 18 pills all at once to "get off" and he had diarrhea for several day afterwards. (I only experienced him doing it once... it was after the Hayes County Sheriff had stolen the rest of his pot. Heidi had a fit and they could only have sex in the shower or at that lake in Chamberlain, where we were hiding at the time. She still got a yeast infection from it and they "broke up" for a while because of it! Actually, I think that was when one of those Ellsworth pilots finally got her pregnant... but that is a crime video for another time). The middle school girls who attended that BEST EVER party must have not been aware of all the details of this drug... It was later explained how they did "punch out" the pills and held the right amount of them in their hand until everybody who "wanted to play" had enough to do the job. It was also explained by the survivors how they "downed" them quickly with some pop and showed the red dots left on that hand. (This is why they call it skittlin' from when they got that "sugar high" using skittles when they were younger). I do not know for sure how many of those girls died that weekend before the mother even called for help... or how many others died in the hospital or afterwards in rehab! But I would like to know what her last name was... or what she did afterwards to get out of a death sentence for being such a stupid mother. I also think the cops should find another way of tracking meth people... and shame on the Family Dollar for scanning all those picture IDs for whatever they are getting out of it!

On the evening of this video I already knew I would never make it back in time for that cancer appointment the following morning in Rapid City. (To get my eye placed in a spoon as they cut me open from the eye socket down to the far edge of my mouth while removing some "spider like" cancer working its way into my brain at the time). This was from an injury that started out as a hole from the post of my glasses when they were smashed into my face by a drunk named Pat Kosmicki about ten years before that. I was "blind-sided" by him after an argument over his friends jaywalking in the streets of Deadwood and playing "chicken" with the car I was driving. I had not properly readjusted the seat and almost hit them before I could reapply the brakes. I was actually returning my daughter's car after some major repairs and they came running up out of the dark from a blind spot. A sneaky Deadwood cop named Alex turned my broken glasses and missing teeth into a crime on my part at that time. (I wonder what he will get for punishment at the "perily gates" for that one... probably not as much as he will get for the other sneaky crimes committed during the rally, or the one when he smashed that girl's face against the block wall on the eve of the millennium... Not my problem anymore, I have stopped saying any prayers for his family long ago)!

It is in fact wrong of me to ever blame anyone for bad things that happen to me... even if I could not prevent them or was not even aware! That is another character flaw I point out to my children at times. I already have enough flaws anyway... Little did I know at the time the cancer problem would soon be the least of my worries. (She blew the engine in this pickup trying to get back the following day and I got in a wreck with it before that). The resentful cop in Hayes Center had just told everyone in my hometown I was running a meth lab at the old homestead and had beaten up the only prostitute we had... and of course, he had saved her! (Although he is the County Sheriff... this is a "one horse" town and his full time job is actually as a hired man to another local who does not like the "high-handed" rich family I belong to in this area... I had known him to be lazy from before when he was sent to get fertilizer or chemicals in the past. I have also heard from other farmers he worked for that he is actually not even a very good hired hand). He is a good example of the kind of cop who uses his badge for his benefit and it is about all they deserve in remote areas where people tend to police themselves when needed. I do not know if he has a family... but people like him should be neutered before they do! Either way I doubt any of my family will waste any prayers on him. But now I sure wish my dad would not have sold my old homestead or bought her out of jail. (I might have already shot enough video to get the job done anyway... right then I had yet to review much more than the "drug interviews" from those who remained alive at the time)!  

She did have a good time dancing with some stranded cowboys that evening and was able to forget about whatever happened before I returned. We later also spent some time talking about our past lives, mistakes made, my cancer worries, her future plans, and I must admit... her interesting viewpoints on sex! (You can think badly of me for this if you feel the need... but if you had given up having sexual intercourse for ten years by then and only had the conversation about it as a substitute you may have done the same thing... do not judge unless you first walk a mile in my shoes). I found out a great deal before our long trip back to the hills on bad roads when the snowstorm let up. (And she felt real bad about over-revving that engine while in 3rd instead of 5th after she took over when we were out of the worst of it... Scott got called to drag me back with a blown engine on my daughters pickup)!

This part of the story had "kind of" a good ending... Randal was still alive after all? She was soon to get pregnant in spite of that? And my eye still made into their spoon a few weeks later...


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