It is always more about what others think!

It was your stubble poking me, that is why I couldn't get hard... You gotta shave that thing! (That was Randal's answer for not being hard after reviewing the 1st "lick" video... it was all her fault... Of course it was, nothing was ever his fault).

You notice Heidi starts out this next video preview by explaining that this clip is for Ski for Light... (our only sponsor for the DVD we were producing at the time). It is true that Heidi and me were not getting any pay for anything we did the entire time... we always simply said we did it to save the girls! (In fact we had almost no money other than the tip money I got from my wife... until later when we went on the run and started using a credit card. But at this time we really did not need much money. And I did get a few odd jobs that spring as well). Nobody else was smoking any of the sponsor pot and I went on a diet and tried to live off of the same potted meat and crackers Heidi ate all the time.  Now Randal was an exception, he always wanted something for anything he did. We learned this about him when he was about four. And if you did not give him something he would just steal things when you were not looking. (I think our first lesson about him was back in the spring of 1991). It was a hot day and he was "underfoot" when my wife ask him to offer free lemonade to customers at the front steps of the Franklin Hotel. He was going to promote the restaurant by telling them to get it refilled inside. His grandfather Ted was our plumber and we had a gas leak somewhere below the kitchen that day. We could all smell it but the fans were running and nobody could pin point exactly where the leak was. Ted came in with a small propane torch and Randal was right behind him bouncing a little super ball off the walls! (I was still doing my hotel maintenance in the daytime and only dealing cards on the night shift). My four kids were attempting to get replaced on the "all night" bar cleaning contracts by Ted's wife and their three grandchildren... We really needed them to take over this job because we were feeling "over worked" by that time. The plan was for my kids to meet with this family in the back of the bar after school that day and show them the cleaning supplies and equipment. (Ted was already in the bar "drinking up his pay" and the bartender had already ask me if I could get rid of this kid). I told Ted about the leak and he went out to his truck. I then went up to explained to my wife how important it was to our kids that we try to work with this family. She agreed to help do anything possible to get them out of that extra job causing conflicts with their schoolwork. That is about the time Ted came in the back door with his torch already lit... saying only "where do you smell it the strongest" and outta my way! (That was not a problem... all of the help were outside the building very soon after that). This is when Pam came up with the lemonade idea and I went in to check on the fire and get this boy some supplies. She found a table and he was in business! I went back to making keys... until my wife called me on the house radio. (It appears Randal had taken her tips out of the tip cup while she watched him through the kitchen window). I watched him for a bit out front and noticed he was selling something to the high school kids after they got off of the buses in front of the hotel. I told my wife to watch him and ask where Ted went. (He had fixed the leak and was downstairs checking the dishwasher drain she told him about). I went down the back way in a hurry and found Randal's older brother at my desk in the basement breaking down a bag of pot into "dime bags" for that extra lunch money from school... something I found out later was a daily event. His granddad knew it too... but only said "these kids are pretty clever" and continued banging on the drain pipes! I took the pot away from Randal and placed a tip jar at the table saying "the lemonade is free, but the smiles are priceless" and it worked almost as good as the pot sales. His brother actually took the pot with him to our meeting. (My kids ignored most of the nonsense that went on in Deadwood and I do not think any of them ever did do drugs of any kind. They all knew I had smoked pot for a time after the war but said very little about it). They did get out of their extra "after hours" job at the hotel that day. However this family did not remain too long getting paid for the cleaning work. Mostly because I placed a security camera in the downstairs bar and found only the grandmother worked... while the rest "tested" the liquor and then had to rest for a while! (Somewhere I still have some video of Randal while drunk fighting with his sister, who was also very drunk). By summer they were only paying the hours that the grandmother turned in and soon we went 24 hrs in Poker and the kids were gone all together. (In his defense, I will say... of all those kids, he did work when he wanted to... And he could do a good job too).

NOTE: This video is a few minutes off of one out of three cameras used for this shoot. (Originally we planned to do a typical 93 minute "sexy prono" for Ski for Light or some funding to save the girls or whatever). Things got totally out of hand once we found out people were already dead or missing. We have no "fund me" page or any address to send money too... it would not help, drug people got more money than God! (Actually, if you still pray... that might help more than anything)!


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We never paid Randal for any sex with money either... he did not handle money very well. We paid him in pot, by the job and by the day. It was Heidi's job to do this and later he almost killed her for doing it too well. Before this most of his pot had come from the Behavior Management girls. But they were getting nervous about him telling on them with some "journal" writings or something. You must understand, before this several people with SFL had been giving me the left over pot each winter for many years by then. In the past it went to those "qualifying needy" participants who were unable to get the kind of help they needed from any other source. My friend Scott at the Pennington County Sheriff Department was unknowingly a very important part of this plan. (He was in fact the one that got all those obsolete Apple computers from the school auction to start our program. We switched out bad parts until we got eight of them working good enough to play some games and use the learning software we loaded). I would make a round every month fixing the bugs, replacing broken keyboards or adding more training programs... and rationing out a little more pot as a reward for any new levels reached. I had five people already on my list and two or three more computers ready when needed. It was going to be the best year yet because this time I had allot more "pot for progress" and everyone was looking forward to learning with it too. (Instead Donna Kellar got the City of Deadwood to call my land a junkyard and they took a crew of 19 up there to remove everything I owned... including everything in my canvas building. The only funny part of that is someone who works for the city now has given one of their children an old Apple "all-in-one" monitor/computer that might stink real bad someday if that bag of pot breaks open onto a hot motherboard). The worse thing about this part of the story was three of my five "very needy" participants died before I could ever get back to explain why I had deserted them.

I also must admit, if we had managed that pot better we could have made quite a movie. (If you remain on these pages long enough you will see video and pictures of Heidi getting lots of attention in strip clubs, bars, parades... even Hells Angel and Bandito parties)! You will also see Heidi getting totally naked... and then getting thrown out of strip clubs, bars, parades... but not Hells Angel parties)! We were in fact quietly ordered out of two other states and three other counties in less than five months. She was also jailed once for a number of felonies and two week later that County Sheriff paid her court costs and delivered her to me at the county line. We went through almost that entire half pound of pot before the fourth of July and it could have lasted over a year with only Randal to smoke it... Now before you judge understand one thing, this stuff was said to be better than the best "2toke" around. It was a G-13 hybrid straight from the government... blended with something called Malibu 44 (said to be related to the price per gram on the street). It did not take too much before Randal was calm, and he never built any resistance to it either. And Heidi liked the power it gave her... although that is also why so many little bags of it began to disappear after she figured out Randal was a lost cause.

The ironic thing about Randal was the "full circle" I went through with him. (While sitting at Ted's deathbed I promised to watch over him... and I tried my best). But the last time I ever employed him was when I offered him a six pack and a bud just to help me roll up and drag our old carpet and padding out of my house... It only took a little over an hour including moving our table and the last of the stuff out of the corner of our living room. (He took out the screws on the bottom of the old oak table while I hauled the other stuff. One of the things I moved was a one gallon coffee can part full of change from the location where my wife sat while she counted down her tips at the end of the day. He must have noticed when I put it with the other full cans and came back for all of it the next day, after he knew for sure I was already working at a backhoe job in Rapid City. After finishing that job I came back to town and went to where Randal and Heidi were hiding up in the back room of a flop house in a nearby town. Only Heidi was there and she acted scared as soon as she saw me. I then waited for him outside the store he had gone to for cigarettes. When he saw me it was too late for him to run so he just got in for a ride as I requested. When I said I just need the screws for the oak table from his coat pocket back at the house he started going crazy on me... Saying we could not go near the house as Heidi was going crazy and might kill me. When I said I would take my chances but wait outside he freaked out! At that very moment he jumped out of the moving pickup and rolled a few times before running off in the other direction. This was the last time I ever saw him in person. However, later that same day I discovered what he had done wrong... once again, not to me, but to my wife. I was told he took all four cans and emptied them into his backpack. Before long it ripped and he was trying to carry it wrapped in his coat. I even later talked to the old girlfriend who helped him count it. She said she still had his coat and the backpack...

The first day I ever saw Randal he got a little over twenty dollars in Pam's tip money, all bills. The last day he got almost seventeen hundred dollars in Pam's tip money, all change!

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